Holiday Traditions

I never cared much for traditions when I was a kid. In fact, I don't remember growing up with very many traditions other than attending the candlelit service on Christmas eve. As I've grown older, though, I've also grown much fonder of the idea of having traditions. I knew when I married Jacob that our new family needed some new traditions!

One tradition we've started every Christmas was to purchase an ornament that was significant for every year. This is year 5, and these are our ornaments so far:

Christmas traditions
christmas ornaments
christmas tree

Our Christmas tree might look bare right now but has promise to be very full soon enough. :)

Christmas Traditions for Married Couples

A few new ones we hope to start this year:

Donate. This year, we've talked to the rest of our extended family and decided not to buy each other gifts. Why deal with the stress of holiday shopping anyways! We also know we have everything we could need, so instead, we wanted to give to people and / or worthy causes that could really use our support. I'm hoping that this becomes a regular tradition for our entire FUmiLEE (Fu + Lee family) in the coming years. We'll see. :)

Bake Christmas Cookies… and give them out to our neighbors, the staff at our apartment complex, postman, the local fire station, etc. This would also a great opportunity to meet them or get to know them better. :) We might have a lot of cookies to bake. I hope they like my baking!

Volunteer. I really believe that time is the most precious gift we can give. We've never volunteered at a soup kitchen before or participated in cooking for any holiday meals hosted at church. We generally don't cook up a traditional Thanksgiving or Chrismtas meal either, so I hope we can give of our time this way. Maybe in the future we can even host another family or some study abroad students that could use a home during the holidays.

Shoot our own Christmas photos. This is such a memorable way to document each year and have wonderful keepsakes for your family. Every year, we get dozens of cards printed with cute family photos, and every year we've been telling ourselves that we should do this even though we don't have kids. The two of us plus are two cats are still a family after all.

Make a Holiday Wreath. I pin so many fun DIY projects on pinterest, but I need to make time to actually do some of them. I'm thinking a rosemary wreath this year, since we have plenty of rosemary bushes outside! :) Shh. Don't tell our apartment complex we trimmed down their bushes for them. I may have a little bit of landscaping experience.

I don't know about you, but this year, I've been feeling especially stressed over the holidays. That's not exactly what this season is supposed to be about, and I'm hoping these are a few ways to help me get back into the proper holiday spirit.

What are some new holiday traditions you've incorporated after marriage?

What are some you hope to incorporate in the future?

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