Halloween/Joe's Birthday 2010 & 2011

Since this blog wasn't going last Halloween, and last Halloween was our first together, and kind of a big deal in my opinion, you get Halloween 2010/2011 all wrapped up in one post! Hooray for you!

Last Halloween was a week after we started hanging out. We spent the weekend doing things together with friends. We watched Practical Magic, a "scary" chick flick, with a couple of my friends and through the whole movie, I could tell Joe wanted to hold my hand, but he just couldn't do it! He made jokes about it or hinted at it through the whole thing, and I wasn't about to make life easy for him, if he wanted it, he could take it on his own! We started the first Harry Potter movie (Joe had never seen them, but now we've seen them all) after our first movie, and within half an hour of that starting, he finally held my hand. It's apparently a rather difficult thing to do. The next night we went to a party at a friend's house and I dressed up as a fairy. Joe didn't want to be anything, so I made him a sign that said "Muggle" and we called it good. I think that he was so covered in glitter by the end of the night (all of mine rubbed off everywhere) that he probably could have passed for a vampire.


Halloween also happens to be Joe's birthday and since we'd just started liking each other, I wanted to get him something, but I didn't want it to be too extravagant. I ended up getting him a bag of Hershey's kisses and using how long it took him to hold my hand as an inspiration, I wrote a note on it that said, "Because it's your birthday, I thought I'd be nice and make the first move." I thought I was pretty darn clever.

Ok, now this year! We didn't dress up unfortunately. I didn't dress up for the salon or work on Halloween and we didn't have any Halloween parties to go to. We also weren't around for trick or treaters so we didn't do anything with candy either. I guess you could say that Halloween was kind of non existent for us this year, but that's ok! It will probably be more exciting once we have kids later down the road.

Joe's birthday was a lot of fun! I started it 24 days before his actual birthday with this fun project!

Birthday Letters

I was so excited about this! I wanted to do something for the 24 days before Joe's 24th birthday, but I couldn't ever think of anything creative for it, so I had given up. Thanks to one of my favorite websites, The Dating Divas, I was able to find the perfect thing to do. I think that I became the most annoying person ever to all of Joe's close friends and family because I started bugging them for letters to him. That's basically what that whole wall is. Every single envelope had a letter or group of letters from people who mean a lot to Joe. It was fun to see what everyone wrote and Joe got excited to open them everyday. I think it was really great! Thanks to all of you who put up with my nagging and helped with my project; Joe loved it!

We celebrated Joe's birthday with our families on Sunday night! We started with dinner at his parent's house. His mom made his favorite beef stroganoff and I brought rolls and salad and then we had ice cream and peach cobbler for dessert. It was my first time making peach cobbler, and although I cheated a bit by using my mom's frozen filling that she had made and put in her freezer, I think I did a pretty great job! Joe ended up with a whole box full of presents to take home, things that he needed and things that he wanted! I gave him the new Dave Ramsey book on audio, the new 3 Doors Down cd, Red on blu-ray, some candy and pop, a new tie, and then some things that he needed. His parents gave him a nice new sweat jacket as he calls it, and it's really comfortable and warm. They also gave him a Target gift card that he has determined to spend on something practical, silly boy! His sisters gave him gift cards, one to Olive Garden (YUM!!!) and a Visa card that he'll probably also spend on something practical. My parents and my sister both got him books, I helped my sister out because he had mentioned a couple of days before his birthday that there was a book he wanted to read so I told her she could get him that. I think she doubted me clear up until he opened it because it's a really random book, but he was going to buy it himself, so he's excited. My brother got him Ironman 2 so now we have both movies! It was a great night and fun to celebrate!

Yesterday was Joe's actual birthday and I think he thinks I'm crazy but I don't care! He decided that he wanted to go to The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner, which was really delicious! Joe's sister had a coupon for a free cheese bread that she let us have and we were happy! You can never go wrong with pasta and salad and cheese bread. It was delicious and fun to have a night out! After dinner, Joe decided that he wanted to go use some gift cards from our wedding that we still hadn't touched. He's been wanting an ottoman because it's really not ideal to watch TV on our couches, they are not big enough for cuddling, I'm not sure why. He wanted one with space inside to put all of our blankets in. We found this little thing that is perfect! It's narrow and long so it doesn't take up a lot of space and I think we are going to like it a lot!

We also bought 3 movies, Inception, Despicable Me and something else that Joe picked and I can't remember what it was at the moment. It was a great night, and I really hope that Joe enjoyed his birthday and is learning to celebrate big with me!

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?