Creative Ideas for Date Night with Other Couples

As important as date night is as a couple, it is also important to spend time with other couples who feel the same about their marriage as you do. By doing marriage alongside other couples who are working daily to strengthen their own relationship, you have a support system to buoy you up when times are hard. You can look up to those couples, lean on them when times are tough and have them as a cheering section for your marriage as you journey through each stage of life together.

One of the hardest things, I think, about planning a date night with another couple is deciding what to do. Most of the time, people end up doing dinner and playing games, which is great, but sometimes you want to do a little something different. Below are some creative ideas for activities that you could use the next time you have a night planned with friends.

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Creative Group Date Night Ideas

Cook Off

This is a fun spin on your typical dinner date. Pick one main dish that everyone can make and have each couple bring their own creation. Examples of foods could be chili or any variety of soup, a pasta dish like lasagna, pizza topping combinations, or make a day of it and have a smoke off or a grill off with your favorite meat. Each couple should also bring a side or dessert that goes well with the main course and will help complete the meal.

For the competition part of the night, place a dish of each couple’s creation on the table with a number on it. Each person should try a small serving of each one, so they can compare all of them fairly. You can either have each person write the number of their favorite one on a piece of paper acting as a ballot, or you can have a rating system for the night and have every single version rated and scored. The winning couple should get to relax while the rest of the group cleans up.

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Scavenger Hunt

This is one of those activities that is a big hit for day activities for school dances, but I think it can make a good activity for a group date as well. It’s also a good opportunity for some quality time as a couple at the same time. Search online for photo scavenger hunt ideas or create your own based on the season or the location you’ll be at. After everyone has completed the hunt, have the winning couple pick where you’ll go for dinner or dessert. While you’re there, compare all of the pictures you took while you were on your hunt!

Progressive Dinner

I’ve always thought this sounded like a really fun idea, but I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever really done it. Everyone has different tastes in food and choosing a restaurant can be a challenge sometimes. Instead of settling with just one place, put one couple in charge of picking a place for drinks and appetizers, another couple can choose where you’ll grab your main course and another will find the perfect location to grab dessert. Make the rounds and have fun eating a variety of foods together while you talk and catch up on life.

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Bowling or Mini Golf Competition

Put a fun spin on a classic date night activity. Play couple vs. couple or men vs. women and the losing couple has to buy ice cream, or if you play men vs. women, the losing team or half of the couple is in charge of a dreaded chore around your house for the next week.

Escape Room

Escape rooms have become a very popular activity over the last few years. The escape room experience is a lot of fun and one that should be enjoyed at least once. I would suggest bringing a big enough group to fill the room so that you know exactly who you’ll be solving the mystery with. Escape rooms can be expensive however and may not be something that you can afford in various stages of life.

There is a locally owned company near us with escape room crates that can be rented for the same price as one person’s admission at some of the escape rooms near us. Each crate is meant to be played with two to eight people, so you can split the cost and make it a bit more affordable. Lockbox Mysteries is available in the Salt Lake area or in Rexburg Idaho. If you don’t live near either of those locations, I recommend these board game versions that can be played at home.

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In our current stage of life, we aren’t able to get together with our couple friends as much as we’d like, but when we do, it’s always a good time! We’ve played the Newlywed Game, gone to dinner, had barbecues, and so many more fun things! Group dates are something that we need to make more of a priority, at least once a month.

What are your favorite group or double date night activities?

Group date night ideas that are fun and creative!