Goodbye Date Night w/ my Best Friends

My very best girlfriend is moving to Texas,which is super far away. Yesterday I posted a huge long "Ode to Heidi and Our Friendship" type post on my personal blog. (Why do I have so many blogs again?) But I wanted to write a more in depth post about our fun date night that we had this past weekend before Heidi and Micah flew off to live somewhere warm and not within a few hours of driving time from me.

On the first double date that I ever went on with Heidi and Micah, a year and a half before I met Joe, right after my two crazy friends started dating, we went to Sette Bello in Salt Lake. (If you've never been there, there's now one in Farmington as well, I'd highly suggest it, just plan on spending a bit of money!) Anyway, I loved it so much, that we went back again for New Year's Eve on a double date, right after I started dating Joe. (I'd post a picture, but I look tired and gross, I got massively sick and found out that I had mono a couple of days later.) We tried to go last year and it didn't work out, and then I heard that they were opening a store at Farmington Station Park and we were THRILLED!!! There have been many planned and failed date nights whenever they've come down since it opened, but this time was a very yummy success!

Seriously, Italian pizza (you can eat a whole one by yourself because the crust is so thin), yummy gelato, good friends, my husband drinking four Cokes, and lots of laughs, plus, check out the pretty scene in the background, it was perfect! We've waited months to try out the new restaurant and it was so worth the wait! My "twin" served his mission in Italy and he always says that it's as good as authentic, unless you're in Italy!

Sette Bello

When we were thoroughly stuffed full of delicious food, and ready to brave the short, but cold walk back to the car, we ended up at our apartment. We spent the next three hours teaching Micah and Heidi the thrills of one of our favorite card games, Play Nine, drinking Martinelli's leftover from New Year's Eve, and enjoying the late night crazy moments that tend to happen after 10pm.

Date Night with Friends
Date Night with Friends
Date Night with Friends

It was a really fun date night, and it made me wish even more that these two weren't moving far away because I would love to do it more often! I started to miss Heidi as soon as we were driving home after dropping them off. I hope that one day they will live closer so that we can have many more fun date nights like this one!

What are your favorite card games to play?