5 Ways to Gift Your Spouse with Date Night

Every year I see people asking around for ideas of what to give their spouse for Christmas. Some of the most popular articles right now are gift guides and stocking stuffer ideas for spouses. I’m struggling myself to come up with a meaningful Christmas gift for Joe this year. I have a lot of random little things in mind that I know he’ll love but I’m still looking for the perfect main gift to put under the tree.

No matter the occasion, I always love giving and receiving the gift of date night. I think date night is the perfect present because it’s a gift of quality time, connection and memories! As I figure out the perfect way to gift Joe with date night this Christmas, I thought I would share some of my ideas with all of you!

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Ways to Gift a Date Night to Your Spouse

Gift card

Giving a gift card is the easiest way to gift your spouse with date night. Every Christmas, I get a gift card for one of our favorite dinner date night locations and put it in Joe’s stocking. But you don’t have to just get gift cards for eating out! Pick an activity that the two of you like to do together; live theater, movies, a local fun center, etc. and give your spouse a gift card for those things as well. You could also think of something that the two of you have been talking about doing for date night but haven’t yet done and get a gift card for that as well.

Thinking about what kind of gift cards I’d get for Joe to gift date night, I would go for things like Top Golf, movie theater tickets, Redbox codes, Last Course (a dessert studio near us), etc.

Purchase tickets

If there is a concert, live theater performance, or other event that you know the two of you would enjoy for date night, you could purchase those tickets up front and wrap them up for your gift. I love this method because then you have a set date night and not a gift card or promise of a date that sits in a drawer for the next year until you remember it’s there. My only tip is to check both of your calendars and schedule carefully to avoid conflicts so you don’t have to exchange or resell your tickets because you find out after they open them that you aren’t able to go.

A couple of years ago for Christmas, my mom gifted us tickets to see one of my favorite musicals and wrote a note that let us know babysitting while we went on our date was included. It’s still one of my favorite gifts I’ve been given because it was something I would love, involved quality time with my husband and I didn’t have to worry about finding someone to watch our kids so we could go. We used a gift card we’d been given by someone else to cover dinner that night as well.

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Plan a year of dates

This is probably my favorite way to gift date night! I first saw the idea when my friend Camille of Friday We’re in Love shared this cute binder she made her husband for Christmas one year. I also loved the file folder version she gave him the next year. If you plan ahead and budget well, you can purchase tickets, gift cards or pull out cash to put with each of the date nights that you have planned.

For our anniversary this year, I put together a year of dates binder and gave it to Joe. I purchased tickets for Joe and I to see Jim Gaffigan live when he comes to our area. The rest of the dates were planned but the dates we were going on them weren’t set in stone and I hadn’t purchased gift cards or tickets for any of them. We’ve done things like enjoy brunch and play a game at Top Golf, go on a full moon lift ride and go to see a movie that came out that we wanted to see.

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Groupon experiences

Groupon {partner link} is one my favorite places to look for date night experiences. You can grab deals for things that you love to do and restaurants that the two of you frequent or you can find a new adventure to enjoy together. We've used Groupon to discover a new dinner theater experience near us, get a discount on a local event that we've been wanting to go to or just save a little money on our next dinner date. Groupons make great date night gifting!

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Get a date box subscription

One of my other favorite resources for date night are date night subscription boxes. It’s a date night planned for you and delivered right to your front door. Most date boxes are put together by a husband and wife team with a passion for date night and how it can strengthen relationships. I’ve found that the majority of date box companies are founded by at least one relationship professional so not only will your box be fun, but you can know that your box will make your date night time together more intentional. Click here for a list of all of the subscription services out there and a few discounts!

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As you’re doing your holiday shopping throughout the next month, consider wrapping up a date night for your spouse. It won’t be a gift just for them, it will be a gift for you and your marriage as well!

Have you ever been gifted or gifted date night? What do you love about gifting date night in your marriage?

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The gift of date night is something you can gift to that person who has everything!