G is for Gassy (??)




1.  full of or containing gas

2.  flatulent

This is probably not the first word you would think to use when describe a marriage, right? Actually, it's probably the last word you'd think to use, and yet, when I was trying to pick a word for this week, this is the only one that came to my mind. When I tried to get some ideas from other people, the two I asked said gassy as well, so gassy it is!

Sorry mom!!!

At the beginning of this year, I wrote a post titled What Happens to the Love After You Get Married? and I shared the story of how Joe so graciously "saved his farts for marriage". Maybe this post is TMI for some of you, you can stop reading ;) but it's a daily discussion in our relationship and something that I know a lot of people would ever consider doing in front of their spouse. In our marriage, flatulence is almost an inside joke. Everyone warned me about Joe before we got married, and I honestly thought that they were exaggerating. Boy was I wrong!

For the letter 'C', I used the word comfortable, and I definitely think this shows our comfort level. Maybe some people would say that we're too comfortable with each other, but I like knowing that I can be myself and not hold anything back around Joe. I'm never walking on eggshells when I'm with him or self conscious about how I look or what I might be doing. We feel free to laugh at each other (in a kind way of course) and our relationship is very relaxed.

What 'G' word would you use to describe your marriage?