Fruited Chicken and Rice Skillet - Around the Kitchen Table

This was always one of my favorite meals growing up. It's a fruity twist on the classic Chicken Stir-Fry that everyone loves so much, has a lot of flavor and is really delicious. I'm not sure why, but I'd never made it for Joe, so I threw it on our meal plan last week and he really liked it! It's probably not a super low carb meal for me with the rice, orange juice and fruit, but I ate mostly chicken and green peppers with just a little bit of rice and fruit so I could still enjoy the meal!

Fruited Chicken and Rice Skillet
Recipe for Chicken Skillet

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Tips and Tricks:
After Joe made dinner for me on Valentine's Day, I had an idea that I will be testing out the next time I make this for dinner. I love the flavor of other bell peppers and plan to experiment with red, yellow and orange in this dish to add more veggies and variety. If any of you try it out that way, come back and let me know how it turned out!

The how to dice a bell pepper video in Jana's Culinary Basics: Knife Skills post a couple of weeks ago basically changed my life and I was super excited when I knew that I had this dish on my meal plan so that I could use my new knowledge! It was probably my favorite part of cooking dinner, and I taught the trick to Joe a couple of nights later when he was slicing bell peppers for our romantic date night at home. Next on my list is to make a meal with minced garlic so I can try her tricks for that!

I personally let my skillet stand, covered, for 10 or 15 minutes after I remove it from the heat because we like our rice to be a little more tender that I usually find it to be after just five minutes. Test it out after five and see what you prefer!

Chicken Skillet

Marriage & Relationship Goal Update:

Because my goal for the month is to be more intentional with meal time and this recipe played a part in my working on that goal, I thought I'd let you know how it's going! I will tell you honestly that I didn't do so well the first week of February. I don't remember what all I made that week, if anything, but I do remember that we went to Chick-fil-a once and I think got fast food one other night in addition to eating out for date night.

The next week, I was determined to be better! I put together a meal plan and put "take meat out of the freezer" or other tasks that had to be done a day or two in advance in my planner so that I wouldn't forget about them and use that as an excuse the next day. Our meal plan shifted a bit and I don't think I made a single thing on the night that I'd originally planned to make it, but I adjusted and made sure that I followed through with my promise to Joe that he'd have a home made meal every night and I didn't regret it! There was one night when I didn't have the energy or motivation to cook so I had cereal and Joe had a corn dog, but other than that, every single meal was homemade, even our Valentine's date night meal, and we ate together at the kitchen table most nights!

This week has been just as successful, mostly because I'm determined to stick to my low carb, gestational diabetes friendly diet and I really enjoyed making meals last week and eating them together at the dinner table every night. I've been using the crock-pot a lot because I have a lot of homework deadlines and other things that I knew would tempt me to ditch my meal plans, but the meals are still homemade and yummy and we get that time together every night. I can't wait to plan for this coming week and continue planning for the rest of the year!

Fruited Chicken and Rice Skillet
Around the Kitchen Table

What are your favorite chicken and rice skillet recipes? Do you have any other unique combinations?