Making Marriage a Priority Through Challenging Times

Earlier this year, I found the Freshly Married blog and through finding that site, made a new, very dear friend! Amy invited me to be part of her blog and answer some questions for her spotlight series this week. Read below for a short excerpt and to find the link to read the rest of the interview.

keeping your marriage strong through challenging times

From Amy:

"Amberly of A Prioritized Marriage, is someone I absolutely look up to when it comes to marriage! I instantly fell in love with her message and admired the educated expertise she brings to her platform. She is someone I want you to hear from, so I asked Amberly a few questions to answer for you!

She gives great responses that not only demonstrate her important message of making the relationship with your spouse a priority, but she shares specific actions on how to do that. She also talks about how the unfortunate situation of having a premature baby in the NICU taught her and her husband to work as a team. In the final question, she gives an AWESOME tip for when you can’t do a legitimate date in the week! It’s like my new favorite marriage idea right now!

I hope that you will take to heart her advice and suggestions, as she experiences everyday marital challenges herself."