Finding Balance in My Life - Making Time for Me

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Growing up, we as kids all knew that after we were in bed, mom would pull a mug out of the cupboard, fill it with her favorite ice cream, and sit down to enjoy her treat while watching her favorite TV show, reading a book or reading the newspaper. The ice cream was always in a mug, rather than a bowl, it was her signature thing. She'd also always go down to the basement freezer to retrieve the ice cream that was reserved for her and hidden from anyone else who might be tempted to eat it. I remember always thinking, 'How nice it must be for her to be done with her tasks and have time to sit down and enjoy herself for the night'. I have realized, since becoming an adult, wife and mother myself, that her to do list wasn't necessarily complete, but that time to herself each night was more important than completing all of her tasks.

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As a full time working wife and mom, my to do list is always overflowing and I often don't feel like I have a second to spare for myself. Between my job, taking care of family needs and things at home and making time for Bensen and Joe each day, I never seem to have a minute to do something just for me. After years of dealing with the stress of school in addition to that, and a few illnesses as a result of my stress, I realized that making time for self-care is just as important as prioritizing time with my family. You have to take care of yourself first if you want to be able to take care of your kids, husband and other loved ones around you to the best of your ability!

Taking care of myself has become important, no matter what my schedule looks like or how impossible it may seem some days. I have started setting aside half an hour to an hour of time at the end of every day for myself. I stop cleaning and don't try to cross any other projects off of my to do list. I have my activities that I love to do, some that last an hour or more and others that take only ten minutes. And I almost always enjoy a treat during my me-time, just like my mom always did when I was younger.

oreo thins

How to Make Time for Yourself as a Mom

What to do in the time you set aside for yourself

  1. Soak in a warm bath with your favorite bath salts, a book you're reading or your current Netflix favorite. We put a deep tub in our basement and I've decorated that room with colors I love, just for this purpose.

  2. Catch up on recent episodes of your favorite show. I always miss mine live because they are on during dinner and bedtime.

  3. Go for a run, take a walk, go on a bike ride, or pull out your roller-blades. We live near a nature trail that is always gorgeous and perfect for unwinding and enjoying time to myself.

  4. Enjoy a hobby or talent that you've been neglecting. After Bensen went to bed, I used to sit at the piano and sing, and he'd sleep straight through it. I haven't tried it lately, but I think I will again sometime soon.

  5. Work on a personal project that you enjoy. For me, blogging is something enjoyable that I like to sit down and do every night. I have other projects on my "want to do" list like putting together photo books from the last few years, or pinning inspiration for baby girl's bedroom and other home decor.

after the kids are in bed

OREO Thins are a delicious, crisp treat that you can enjoy, no matter what you choose to do for yourself each day. I love that at the end of the day, I only have to go a few blocks to my local Smith's if I've forgotten to pick them up during my weekly grocery run or on my way home from work). It's a quick and easy trip and doesn't cut into my coveted me time, and I walk out with my treat of choice, OREOs! During my most recent OREO run, I ran into a some neighbors and a couple of friends that I haven't seen in a while. I loved having the chance to catch up and socialize without the distraction of kids.

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oreo thins

And now I think I'll go enjoy some OREO Thins dipped in milk while I color in my grown-up coloring book before bed. What is your go to mom time activity and treat?

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