The Best Shows on Netflix to Binge Watch Together Right Now

It is our goal to be intentional about making time to work on our marriage every single day. That being said, at the end of each day, you'll usually find us curled up together in bed, watching our current Netflix binge. After we've finished our work day, cleaned up the kitchen and the kids are in bed, we're usually both exhausted. Some nights, we love to sit back and relax and when we do, we love having a show to watch together.

Joe loves Netflix because you can watch entire seasons of shows on your own schedule rather than waiting a week or more for the next episode to come out. We've also really come to love Netflix originals. A lot of couples have their "show" that they watch together as a couple. We love being able to quote shows in our everyday life and love discussing and getting the next piece of the story line together.

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Netflix Binge

The Best Shows to Binge Watch on Netflix

I looked through everything that is currently available on Netflix and added shows that we truly loved to this list. As shows are added and removed in the future and as we find more shows that we found binge worthy, I will do my best to keep it up to date. There are a lot of shows that we've loved in the past but that are no longer available on Netflix and that's a bummer! Whether you're looking to just watch and episode or two or binge watch and entire season (or more), I'm certain you'll find something on this list that you haven't seen yet and will love!


The Good Place - If you haven't seen this show yet, you need to add it to you queue pronto! It showed up as a suggestion for me randomly one day and I finished the first season embarrassingly fast and quickly invited Joe to watch it with me. I'm eagerly awaiting the second season to hit Netflix! This is a quirky, light-hearted show that had me laughing until I cried. "What the fork?!"

iZombie - We started watching this one because it sounded a bit like one of our favorite movies, Warm Bodies. It's a fun little crime show with some quirky side story lines. If you like crime dramas, you'll like this comedic

The Office - If you haven't watched this series yet, you are missing out. Some of the characters will drive you bonkers and others will feel like your best friends. We can never watch this show too many times.

Parks & Rec - We resisted watching this show for a while and started it multiple times before finally skipping through the first season and loving the rest of the series. I think we've watched the series twice and a few episodes more than that. Joe quotes Ron Swanson often.

Jim Gaffigan - This is our favorite comedian and we laughing hysterically through every single one of his shows. He has a few different ones on Netflix right now; Cinco, Mr. Universe, King Baby (our current favorite), Obsessed, and Beyond the Pale. Watch them all!

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Imposters - I discovered this one a few weeks ago and have already watched the entire first season twice through, once on my own and once with Joe. I suggested it to my siblings and they've all watched and loved it too! The story line of this show drew me in and kept me interested and surprised through the entire season!

Granite Flats - I'll be honest, I've never seen this one, but I saw it on Netflix when I was browsing and knew that I needed to add it. This is a show that my family used to watch (after I'd moved out) every Sunday and I know one that they really liked. Joe and I may be adding it to our list soon.

Madame Secretary - I like this one, but Joe is very particular about his politically based shows, so it isn't one that he has watched with me yet. If you like shows like House of Cards or West Wing, this might be one that you would like as well!

Once Upon a Time - I am SO behind on this show! I started watching this one on my own, pulled Joe into it after a few seasons were on Netflix (I would watch the current episodes and also watch the older stuff with him) but we stopped watching for some reason. I'm hoping to start up again soon and get caught up on what has been happening in Storybrook. I LOVE how they tie so many fairytales and stories into this show.

Parenthood - This is another show that if you haven't watched, you really need to. It's a relate-able show with a family that you will fall in love with. If you've been watching This is Us and liking it, I've heard the two compared to each other. It's one of those tear jerking, feel good shows that you can't get enough of and are sad about when it's over.

Longmire - Joe loves this Netflix original and was really bummed when they announced that they won't be making anymore seasons after this last one. A small town sheriff who solves crimes and seems to be always feuding with the local Indian reservation. I need to sit down and watch this one all the way through with Joe.

Hawaii Five-0 - I feel like this is similar to an NCIS or CSI type show, but it takes place in Hawaii and has a little more humor. It's been a while since we watched this show, I think we need to start the series over again.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - My friend Charlene recommended this to me and I'm excited to start watching it with Joe, I think it will be the next one that we start because I know he will love it!

Blacklist - We got so excited when the most recent season of this show hit Netflix. It's one of those crime and suspense shows and such a great one!

The Flash - Joe watches this one on his own, but I always sit down and join him when I walk in the room. If you like Marvel movies, you'll like this show!

A Series of Unfortunate Events - I read these books as a kid and have heard nothing but good about this show. Joe never read the books but I'm hoping that he'll like the shows. And no, we're behind so we haven't watched it yet.

The Walking Dead - When we first started watching this show, I told Joe "I can't watch anymore after this" in the middle of the first episode and then we got to the end of the episode and I couldn't not watch the next one. This show is fantastically done and the one that Joe watches every single week rather than waiting for the entire season to hit Netflix like he does with most shows.

Reality TV

Magic for Humans - This is a new Netflix original starring Justin Willman. There is one season to be watched right now, but I bet they'll add more because it's a really entertaining and thought provoking show! If you haven't watched it yet, make it part of your next date night!

The Great British Baking Show - I have a couple of friends who not only watch this show together, but they've done their own Great British Baking Show at home with their kids. They posted pictures on social media and it looked so fun! If you're fans, get a recipe online and bake something together after you finish watching it!

Zumbo's Just Desserts - I recently discovered this one and I am obsessed!! There are a lot of different cooking shows out there but this one is one of my favorites. It's unique and fun and I got fully invested in the bakers and totally knew which one was going to win the first season by the third or fourth week.

The World's Most Extraordinary Homes - This is one of Joe's new favorites, as of this past weekend. It's a really cool show that walks you through four amazing homes per season. This has given me lots of ideas and dreams for our current home and our future forever home as well.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee - This one has every comedian you can think of, driving in a cool car and getting coffee with Jerry Seinfeld. We picked and chose which episodes of this show based on which comedians were featured and really loved it. 

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What are some of your favorite shows to watch together as a couple, whether they are on Netflix or not? Are there any must watch shows that you would add to my Netflix list?

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The best shows to binge watch together on Netflix right now.