Fall Date Night Ideas for Married Couples

When it comes to date night, you won’t find us doing the same thing each week. We love the classic dinner and a movie date, but we also love to experience new things together and date night is the perfect opportunity for a little adventure. We love to try new restaurants, check out different places made for fun in the area and enjoy the seasonal activities that are available where we live.

Fall is my very favorite season, and although the traditional activities that come with it only last for one month, we try to enjoy every minute of it! I created a list of date nights specifically for this season, to help you enjoy every moment of fall, from the changing weather to the cooler days.

This list of date night ideas includes things that can be done at home or out on the town. It has activities for outdoor lovers and for those of us who prefer to stay indoors when it gets too cold. You can even take a few of the ideas and turn them into multiple dates depending on how you choose to participate in the activity each time. I hope this list inspires you to make date night a priority in your marriage and spend intentional quality time together this season!

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20+ Date Night Ideas for Fall

Enjoy the fall leaves - When the leaves start to change colors, drive up the canyon or take a walk around your neighborhood taking in the view, holding hands and falling in love with each other all over again. Plan a family date to rake up the leaves in your yard, or as a service to one of your neighbors and jump in the piles after you’ve raked them.

Host a bonfire - Invite your friend group or your siblings and their significant others to your house for the occasion. Build a big fire and cozy up around it together. Make hobo dinners (meat, potatoes and vegetables wrapped in tin foil and cooked near the fire, or if you’re ambitious, break out the dutch ovens. Don’t forget the marshmallows for s’mores!

Watch a rain storm together - There is something so cozy about fall rainstorms. Take a blanket outside and cuddle up together on a bench or in a hammock, or sit inside on the couch with the windows open. Sit in silence, holding hands and listening to the sound of the rain. Embrace your inner child and find the largest puddle to splash in. Be sure to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate afterward.

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Make everything pumpkin themed - Eat dinner out of a pumpkin (search online for “soup in pumpkin”), visit a pumpkin patch and pick out pumpkins together, decorate or carve your pumpkins, make a pumpkin dessert and deliver it to your neighbors, and watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Involve your kids by turning your pumpkin decorating into a competition and letting them be the judges.

Have a movie marathon - Pull your mattress into the living room or build a fort out of pillows and blankets. Order your favorite take out, pop some popcorn and grab the junk food. Pull out your favorite movie series and make a day or an evening of it. Check out this post for a list of date night movies you’ll both enjoy. Some great movies to watch might be Harry Potter or the Marvel Comic movies. You could also binge watch your current Netflix favorite.

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Create a date night bucket list - Fall is the perfect time to start planning for the coming year. Head to your favorite restaurant, one that will let you stay for a while. Spend the night brainstorming things that you’d like to do together for date night in the coming year. Check out this post for tips on creating your perfect date night bucket list. Don’t forget to bring a paper and pen with you.

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Have a spa night - You’ll need bath bombs, candles, big fluffy robes, chocolate covered strawberries and massage oil. Spend the night enjoying a warm bath by candlelight, give each other a massage, curl up in your robes and enjoy the strawberries. Any additional spa type activities that you like can be included as well; Pedicures, face masks, scalp or food massages, etc.

Go to a fall festival - Schools have fall carnivals, states and counties have fairs, seek one out and make a night of it. Fall is the perfect time to experience the fun of a carnival atmosphere either as a family or just the two of you. Go on all of the rides, play a few of the cheesy games, eat all of your favorite fair foods and check out the prize winning animals, produce and art.

Attend a local high school or college football game - Wear the school’s colors, whether they’re a team you usually root for or not. Participate in all of the cheers and songs, maybe even start the wave. Pack up all of your favorite tailgating foods and find a group of friends to attend the game with you for even more fun.

Volunteer together - This is the time of year when people are really thinking about others. Seek out opportunities in your community to give back and make a date of it. You’ll get to see another side of each other and you’ll have a new appreciation for life when you’re done!

Get lost in a corn maze - To me, a corn maze is just a long walk with an added element of fun. I love wandering through it, holding hands, talking about life, and trying to find our way to the other side. Oftentimes you’ll find a fall festival alongside a corn maze. Get your favorite fall treats, warm up by the fire, watch the stars come out and just have fun together!

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Brainstorm and put together a couple’s Halloween costume - We don’t usually dress up for Halloween because it’s husband’s birthday and it’s not his thing. But I love seeing all of the creative couples and family costumes that other people come up with and share! Make a date night out of coming up with an idea for your costume, shopping for the supplies you’ll need to put it together and get everything ready for the big day!

Bake pies for Thanksgiving dinner - The time around holidays can get busy with family stuff and preparations. Making a date night out of making whatever you’ve been asked to bring to Thanksgiving dinner is a fun way to celebrate the holiday together!

Go bowling - Bowling is such a classic date night, and fun to do as the weather turns colder, or on a night when it’s the weather is bad and you aren’t able to enjoy your planned activity.

Try a new restaurant - We love looking for restaurants in our area where we’ve never eaten and try them out. We ask for suggestions from our friends and family or drive around areas we’re not as familiar with and then look up the ratings online to see if they’re worth trying. We’ve found a lot of great new places to eat in our area this way and added them to our date night favorites.

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Bake cinnamon rolls for a brunch date - Home baked goods are a great addition to any fall morning! Make a family favorite recipe from scratch or grab your favorites from the freezer section of the store. Cook up your favorite breakfast meat and a cup of hot chocolate, and enjoy it all out on the porch in the fall air after it’s ready.

Stay up late and Black Friday shop online - We don’t do any Black Friday shopping in store. I don’t like to fight the crowds and my husband used to work retail so he prefers not to add to the chaos. Plus, we can generally get everything that we need online. A lot of sales start after Thanksgiving dinner, but some don’t hit until midnight. Make a date out of staying up late to shop the sales you have your eye on. Play games, make a treat, or watch a movie.

Dress up and take the kids trick-or-treating - Our kids are young and it’s a lot of fun to see the excitement of holidays through their eyes. With two little ones, it takes two of us to make trick-or-treating a success. It’s a fun mini date idea and then you can sneak a few pieces of candy and watch a scary movie together after they’re in bed.

Go to the carnival or fair - Does your county have a fair? A lot of the time, these happen toward the end of summer or beginning of fall. The same is true with state fairs. These can be a lot of fun with rides, attractions, fair food, exhibits and other things to see. Make a date of it and invite some friends to come along with you!

Take a cooking class - A lot of local grocery stores or other places in the area have really great cooking classes that you can take together as a couple. Some are on an individual basis, but still fun to do together and others are set up to be a date night. I think it’s fun to learn how to cook a new food together or go to a class to learn new skills for something you already make on a regular basis.

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Cling to each other in a haunted house - The two of us aren’t big fans of scary movies or spooky haunted houses, but I know a lot of people who are, and it’s the perfect activity for a fall date! Haunted houses are open for a limited time during the year and it’s best to take advantage of the short window you have to visit all of the haunted attractions in your area.

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You can be that we’ll be doing most of these dates over the next couple of months because I love fall and all of the things that come with it! This is the season when we fell in love, so there’s extra magic in it. And it’s both of our birthdays, so we always do a lot of celebrating. I hope the fall weather is perfect this year, wherever you are, and that it lasts longer than a week so you can enjoy every moment of it!

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