Escaping Reality Together

In June, we tried to have a relaxing night away to celebrate our anniversary, but last minute circumstances that were out of our control turned it into a crazy, tiring weekend of traveling. We decided then that we were going to get away during the weekend between our birthdays, even if it was just for one night. I am so glad we did because this weekend was just what I needed! Quality time with my husband, visits with friends, good food and a lot of relaxing without any responsibilities.

We went to Logan and stayed at The Anniversary Inn in the La Hacienda suite. Their rooms are a little pricey, but we saved $90 on our stay because we stopped at Costco on our way up and bought three $100 gift cards at $60 a piece. It was worth the money because our room was amazing!!! We've stayed at Anniversary Inn three times now and this was by far our favorite room. I told Joe quite a few times that I really want a master suite like that in our future home. It felt like we were in Mexico for the day.

The bathtub was my favorite feature! I loved that I could watch a movie from it, and it was really high tech. There was a panel that told you what temperature the water coming out of the faucet was, you could use it to control the color changing lights that were in the tub, and it controlled the jets. It was my dream bathroom, that's for sure! I stayed in there until I was so pruney that it hurt the bottoms of my feet to walk on the floor. If I had one in my own house, I would waste hours every day in there reading a book or watching TV. Yeah, there was a TV right in front of it and it connected to the TV in the bedroom so I could put on a movie in there and watch it from the tub. I'm telling you, I was in heaven.

How cute is all of that decor? Every little detail contributed to the atmosphere of the room, there were even toy lizards randomly placed in the courtyard area. My favorite decor was the bathroom sink/toilet area, I was obsessed with the bright blue paint, cute wooden door, and then metal toned, chunky sink. Joe was most excited about the hammock, he used to sleep in one exactly like it every night on his mission in Mexico. It was too bad they had this one tied funny so he couldn't really lay in it like you're supposed to.

While we were in Logan, Joe wanted to try out a pizza place that his friend opened called Jack's Wood Fired Oven. The atmosphere there was really funny, the pizza was unique and delicious and we didn't regret trying it out at all! We got two different pizzas, on the left (with the terrible photo) is The Chuckwagon (house made BBQ sauce, chicken that replaced the house smoked pulled pork they were out of, fresh pineapple, and house pickled jalapenos) and on the right is The Birds & The Bees (slide-ridge honey, fresh mozzarella, huckleberry chicken, and thyme). They were both really delicious!!! We couldn't pick a favorite!

After having Olive Garden for lunch and that yummy pizza for dinner, we were so full we didn't want to move. In a twelve hour period, we got to relax and watch three movies together (I know, we're lame, but that's what we love to do). Time with Joe away from home when I don't have to worry about homework, cleaning my house, taking care of the dog, etc. is my favorite! I wish we could have these relaxing escapes more often, but now I'm determined to have more carefree nights at home instead of filling them with plans and chores.

Where is your favorite place to escape for the weekend?

I was not compensated in any way by Anniversary Inn or Jack's Pizza,, I just wanted to share our awesome weekend activities and how much we enjoyed them!