All of Our Most Tender Moments

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With a new baby and a toddler who is just starting to recognize his own strength, Joe and I can often be heard using the word gentle and its synonyms. Whenever Bensen gets near his sister or gets too rough when he's playing with Howie, we remind him to be gentle and soft. Our lives this past year have been pretty full of crazy, and I've had to take the time to remember to be gentle with myself as well. And throughout all of the chaos, we've worked really hard to enjoy the tender and peaceful moments that come our way.

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Our recent stay in the NICU brought a lot of chaos to our lives but it also taught me to enjoy the precious moments that I have with my family and not let them pass me by. Because we couldn't be at home, enjoying our regular routine, we tried to take advantage of the things we did have. While Joe was at home putting Bensen to bed, I was at the hospital enjoying late night snuggles with Emmy after she nursed. In the mornings when I was home with Bensen, we'd snuggle up and read books together or sing songs. And in the afternoons while Joe was at the hospital with me, we'd take half an hour to curl up in the bed together and enjoy some quiet time together.

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Now that we're home life is a little more hectic and we're still working to adjust to life with two little ones, there are a lot of crazy moments but also a lot of opportunities to enjoy tender time with our little ones. I treasure each and ever moment that I have with them and  although I have a list of things that I need to do, I set those things aside because these moments will be over before I know it. I love my middle of the night snuggle time with Emmy, early morning walks and play time with both kids, snuggles and story time with Bensen before his naps and bedtime, watching Joe spend time with both of our little loves and the moments when Joe and I get to have a quiet moment together as well.

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As I look at Facebook memories each day and see videos and pictures from the first few months of Bensen's life, I find myself missing his cuddles and those sweet moments. It's made me appreciate and enjoy the moments that I have with Emmy more than I might each day. When I'm tempted to put her down after a feeding so that I can get something on my to do list done before Bensen wakes up from his nap, I remember how much I miss those quiet moments with him. Last night, after a rough day of teething and toddler moments, Bensen wanted some extra snuggles before bed. He curled up in the fetal position on my chest and we sat and cuddled in the chair in his room. For that half hour, he was my little baby again and I soaked up every moment of that tender moment we had together.

Five tips to help you enjoy your most precious moments in life.

Make the most of the gentle and tender moments in your life

1. Stop to appreciate the little moments that pop up in life.
2. Set aside time each day to spend one on one with your kids and your spouse.
3. Put your phone away, after taking a picture or two of course. (Posting to social media can wait.)
4. Eliminate all other distractions. Housework, other people, personal projects, etc.
5. Enjoy every moment because you'll wish for more of them after they're gone.

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Every moment of our day, both the chaotic and the peaceful ones, are touched by some sort of fabric. Every fabric that we come in contact with has been washed with all® free clear, providing us with the freedom to enjoy those gentle moments. The blankets that we snuggle our little ones in, the burp rags that our newborn's cheek rests on after she eats, the clothes that our toddler wears to run and play in, our bath towels, and even the sheets on mine and Joe's bed and the clothes that we wear. Because our little ones and their delicate skin are bound to come in contact with every fabric in our house at some time or another, I realized the importance of washing everything, not just the loads of wash that come from their hampers, in the same gentle detergent. A few months ago we made the switch to all® free clear in order to better care for our family and our skin and our lives are happier because of the switch.

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all® free clear liquid detergent is the #1 detergent recommended by dermatologists, allergists and pediatricians for sensitive skin. It was awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the National Eczema Association, which helps keep our little one's eczema flair ups at bay. It also removes 99% of everyday and seasonal allergens including pet dander, the culprit for a lot of my seasonal allergy woes, thanks to a sweet dog who likes to sleep on my pillow during the day.

all® free clear is not intended to treat or prevent allergies. Follow the directions for use on the packaging exactly.

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