Eight Years Ago....

Our love story officially began eight years ago this week. Joe sat down next to me at our church’s young adult scripture study group, we spent the majority of class laughing together over things that had quickly become inside jokes and the rest is history. If you’ve clicked through the Love Story tab at the top of the blog, you mostly likely know the general timeline of our relationship, how we met and a few of our most memorable moments. Five years ago I wrote our love story in more depth across a series of posts. I had a lot of fun reminiscing on the early days of our relationship as I read through those posts the other day. It felt like the perfect time to bring those posts back to the surface and share them with those of you who might not have read them before.

Click on any of the blue text in this post to take you to a post with more details and fun moments from our relationship. If you feel like reading the more condensed version of our story, click here for a timeline of our love story.

The first thing you should know about Joe and I is that we somewhat knew each other in high school, years before he sat down next to me and our love story began. Ironically, we had a scripture study class together back then as well. I used to stare at him because I thought he was attractive, but he was dating someone at the time. Click here to read more about that time when Joe would tell you (jokingly of course), that I stalked him. Then click here to read about that night when we met again.

When I was single, I had a love/hate relationship with the movie ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ because I felt like it was my life in a nutshell. Joe was different than any other guy that I’d pursued or dated because he wasn’t afraid to be transparent about his intentions. I love thinking back on the first days that we were hanging out, those first few weeks of dating and the months between when we started dating and got engaged. Our time together consisted of a lot of Joe watching a show while I did homework, but we still found time to make a lot of good memories together.

Joe can tell you exactly which shirt I was wearing the day he kissed me. We had our first kiss after watching one of the Harry Potter movies. We were having a marathon those first few weeks we were dating because Joe had never seen them. Joe made me anticipate that first kiss for so long that by the time he kissed me, the slightest touch made me giggle because I was ticklish with anticipation. It sounds weird, I know, but click here to read the story where I explained a little better.

The day that Joe sat down next to me and asked for my number, he’d posted a status on his Facebook feed joking that he was accepting applications for girlfriend. A few weeks later, he made a joke about it when we were on the phone one night so I decided I should jokingly apply for the position. My siblings and I spent our Sunday afternoon the next day putting together an application and had a lot of fun doing it. I gave the application to him when we got together later that night and apparently he liked it because I got the job! ;)

It didn’t take Joe and I long to realize that we wanted to marry each other, and we planned to get married a year from the month we met. I’d always wanted a fall wedding and it was the best thing for us financially. It wasn’t long before we had shifted our wedding date to June, you can click here to read more about why we changed it. Everything fell into place and we never looked back. Being a June bride was everything I never knew I wanted.

From there we did our ring shopping and I waited not so patiently for Joe to propose. I ruined the proposal thanks to my anxiety and lack of patience but Joe still loves me and wanted to marry me. You can read the whole, embarrassing story here. He’ll tell me now that he wanted to grab the ring and throw it at me and tell me to just have it the night before he proposed and I feel super bad about it because I really was kind of a monster to him about our proposal. We did a little Q&A about our proposal a few years later and went more in depth about our feelings behind that moment. You can read that post here.

And then we got married!!!! We were married in the Bountiful, UT temple. You can see pictures from our wedding here. We had a luncheon after the ceremony with all of our family and friends. Joe’s aunts treated us to a song about our relationship and I sang a love song to Joe. You can watch the videos from those songs in this post. I got to fulfill my dream of having my reception in my parent’s backyard with my favorite colors and the most amazing cupcakes that people still talk about to this day. Click here for photos and details from our reception. After the wedding, we escaped for a few days to honeymoon in Park City before jumping into real married life together.

It’s always so fun to look back on the early days of our relationship and it brings back those feelings from when we were dating, engaged and first married! A lot of people watch their wedding video, look at photos and talk about the day every year on their anniversary. I love that, but what I love even more is doing the same around the time that we met every year.

Photography by Sadie Banks Photography