Dressing Up for Date Night: The Perfect Valentine's Date Night Outfit

I'm not sure what we're doing for our Valentine's date yet because Joe is in charge of planning it this year, so I needed to pick something versatile to wear. I finally settled on this dress from Pink Blush Maternity because unless we go bowling, it's perfect for any activity that he might have planned. When I am wearing this dress, I feel flirty, gorgeous and fun and I think that's the perfect combination for a date night out with my husband. This outfit is dressy enough for dinner and the opera/ballet/theater or a romantic night of dancing but it is also comfortable and casual enough to wear to the movies or out for ice cream, and I'm not tempted to change out of it and into sweats the minute we get home if we decide to watch a movie on the couch. For me, this is the perfect pick to wear on my Valentine's date because I look great and it shows Joe that date night with him is different to me than any other night of the week. Date night is special and I want the way I look to reflect that.

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When I first found out that I was pregnant and thought about this series that I had in the works for 2015, I wasn't sure what I was going to do because while I wanted to make every effort I could to look great for date night, I'd heard so many women talk about how hard it was to dress their bump comfortably and still feel cute while doing it. I wasn't sure if my goal was going to be as achievable as I thought but I should really learn to experience things on my own before I assume that what everyone else tells me was their normal is going to be what I go through as well. Being pregnant and dressing my bump has been a lot of fun and I can honestly say that I haven't felt this comfortable or beautiful in a while. Picking something to wear every morning is easy and I love catching people staring at my growing belly because I feel cute and feminine and I know a lot of that has to do with the great outfits that I've found!

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Emerald Green Maternity Maxi Dress: c/o Pink Blush Maternity
Black Maternity Cami: Pink Blush Maternity
Jewelry: Inherited from my grandma

My favorite thing about this dress is the empire waist and the detail/slight ruching on the bodice and neckline. I love that this dress accents my bump and shows off my curves. I definitely don't feel like a pregnant blob when I'm wearing it, instead I feel womanly and gorgeous.

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I discovered Pink Blush Maternity toward the end of November and I can't talk about them enough! More than half of my maternity wardrobe is from them and I have my eye on a few more things that I will be purchasing in the near future. There is so much to love about Pink Blush Maternity, I tell every woman I know, pregnant or not, that they would be foolish not to check them out. The first thing that impressed me about Pink Blush was their wide selection of maternity. In my few attempts to do in store, and even online maternity clothes shopping, I was discouraged by how limited my options were, but with Pink Blush I browsed for a good hour and added lots of things to my wish list, plus there are constantly new items being added to the shop so you never run out of things to buy. The next thing that I loved was how stylish and cute their clothes were! My mom always tells me how different maternity clothes are now compared to when she was pregnant, but sometimes I still feel like there are only a few styles of shirt out there that are actually flattering to wear. Pink Blush Maternity's selection is so cute and fun, there are outfits to fit any style so you don't have to feel limited when you are dressing your bump. Ordering from Pink Blush is a breeze, their prizes are extremely reasonable and they often have a sale going on, my clothes show up in my mailbox a lot sooner than expected, they always fit perfectly based on what their sizing chart tells me to buy and their customer service is awesome! P.S. Did you know that they are a family business? I will be wearing these clothes for quite a while and will continue to shop Pink Blush even after this baby comes because they have a great selection of non maternity clothes as well.

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This post is part of a fun new series called Dressing Up for Date Night. I will share a little bit more about my reasons for starting this series and the thought process behind it in a Behind the Series post next month.

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What makes the perfect date night outfit for you?