Does Your Marriage Need a Checkup?

I received my Couple Checkup for free in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own.

I know multiple couples who have been through counseling at some point in their relationship, both premarital and during marriage. The majority of these experiences were to help make their marriage stronger, not to address any major issues that they were having, and I've been told that it's been extremely beneficial. If you're like us, couples counseling isn't something that you'd ever think to invest in without a reason. Even without a big problem in a marriage, I'm willing to bet that most couples have minor things that they need to work through and discuss. Couple Checkup is the perfect resource for those couples who don't feel like they have the need to meet with a professional but still want to work to improve the relationship that they have with each other.

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Couple Checkup was created with three goals in mind; to celebrate your relationship strengths, identify issues you disagree on and need to resolve, and to encourage you and your partner to talk about your relationship. It is based on 25 years of research with the Prepare/Enrich Program and the assessment is customized for couples in all stages of their relationship (dating, engaged and married).

Over the weekend, Joe and I took our Couple Checkup and briefly talked about the results. The results document was almost 20 pages of printed information and our discussion guide is almost 30 pages long! Our results identified the things that we do well as a couple, and listed specific things that we should discuss as a team. Our checkup also mapped out how we felt about the different assessment areas as individuals so we were able to see where there might be disconnect and where one partner feels we're succeeding when the other feels like we could use some work. I learned a lot in the half hour that we looked over our results and skimmed through the discussion guide.

We plan on diving into the activities in the discussion guide one or two at a time, working our way through the book intentionally and making sure that we are getting the full benefit of it. I can already tell that it's going to be a very valuable resource for our marriage and force us to talk about some things that we haven't thought about discussing in depth in the past.

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If you want to know what the assessment and discussion guide would look like for you, check out the sample checkup report here and the sample discussion guide here. If you think Couple Checkup would help you and your relationship, I have good news! If you enter the code CCBOOK-APM-BLOG when setting up your account, partner 1 will be able to take their portion of Couple Checkup at no cost and then partner 2 can upgrade the account for $14.95 which will allow them to take their portion and you both to receive complete results.

Couple Checkup is normally $35 and this code does not expire, so if you don't have time to take the assessment now, save this post and come back later to use this code for the discount! Once you've taken your assessment, your results will be available on your account for 90 days. I suggest you print them out like we did, so you have them to keep for as long as you want!

Instructions for redeeming your code and taking your Couple Checkup can be found here.

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