DIY Holiday Date Night

I don't know about you but for me, the holidays can be kind of hectic. It seems like I'm always making to-do lists or running to the store to get something to complete my Christmas preparations. You know what the furthest thing from my mind is during the hustle and bustle? Spending a relaxing date night with my husband. 

No more though, friends. This year I've come up with the perfect holiday-themed date night in a box. And you can too! 

A fun at home holiday date night for married couples

This date night box is super easy to pack too. All you need is a box and a trip to your local Target (my absolute favorite place to shop any time of the year) and there you go--presto, date night in a box! 

At Home Holiday Date Night for Married Couples

a few things you'll need to get started

// A box - Kind of a no-brainer since the name of the game here is date night in a box, right! Preferably it needs to be one that will fit your largest date night item. For example, my Monopoly game. Pretty much if you can fit your largest item, you can pack everything else in it just might involve some genius skill. 

// Your favorite holiday movie - For my husband and I that would have to be Polar Express (although I did make a strong case forThe Santa Clause). Pick something that you both will enjoy and can add a little bit of holiday pep in your step! 

holiday date night ideas

// Two sets of Christmas pajamas - I think that besides the movie, this was my favorite item I picked for our date-night box. I absolutely LOVE holiday pj's--you know the kind that say 'Kiss Me under the Mistletoe' are something equally Christmas-y on them. Big plus if they're as warm and cozy as they are cute.....think flannel, if you're in a colder climate! 

// Your favorite  board game - Or any type of game that both you and your spouse like to play together. For my husband and I, Monopoly is our game of choice. But puzzles or games like Uno, Scrabble, dominoes, or checkers work perfectly too! The key here again is to pick something that helps the two of you relax and enjoy each other's company without adding even more stress to the to-do list. Get creative with this one! 

// Two mugs and hot cocoa mix - Tell me what's better than cuddling with your husband in front of a Christmas movie dressed in pajamas, sipping a cup of hot chocolate with lots and lots of marshmallows. In my book, not much! Pick up some his and hers Christmas-y mugs from the store or your cupboard, whip up some delicious hot chocolate and settle in for some holiday-date-night goodness. #perfectdate a few other ideas for you

// Husband and Wife Devotions - What better way to kick off the Christmas season than to remind each other of the true meaning of Christmas! I love the idea of starting off your date night with a few verses and a prayer to refreshen both your spirits. 

// Get really festive and add Santa hats - Because donning a Santa hat is pretty much always a good idea! 

// Craft a keepsake ornament - I'm a craft-y type of person, my husband not so much but he was actually pretty excited when I told him we'd be making our own personalized ornaments for the tree this year. Who knows, maybe yours will be too! 

// Add dinner or dessert - If you can, add dinner or a dessert into your date night plans to make it extra special. 

// Bookend it after a shopping date - Is your husband anything like my husband? Mine would rather not spend a day scouring the stores for the best Christmas deals....but he does it anyway because he knows I love spending a day of hard-core shopping with him. A relaxing night like this would be a perfect way to wind down after a day out and about. 

Ok, is your imagination sparked yet? I hope so!! The most important thing this holiday season is to spend time with those you love. Why not start with your spouse!! 


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