9 Fun Daytime Date Ideas for Married Couples

Every once in a while, we like to step outside our regular date night routine and go on a date during the day. Day time dates are our favorite for a lot of reasons. Activities and meals tend to be cheaper during the day with happy hour prices and matinees. If we go on a day date, we can go while our kids are napping and not feel quite as bad about leaving them, especially if we’ve been gone a lot for work the week before. I generally have a lot more energy earlier in the day than at the end, so I’m better at conversation, and tend to have a lot more fun because I’m not tired and wishing for an early bedtime.

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We’ve also found that because most people go out for date night or with their families at night, places tend to be less crowded during the day time. Most day time dates happen on the weekend, but if you can get away together on a week day, that’s even better! Week day crowds are smaller and you can sometimes find better discounts. And if your kids are in school, that eliminates the need for a babysitter.

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Day Time Date Night Activities

Matinee and a Meal - This is our favorite day time date activity. Joe’s favorite thing to do is catch a matinee movie and get lunch afterward. I love going to a matinee musical at the community theater and grabbing an early dinner after.

Bowling or Mini Golf - Depending on the weather, either of these activities can be good for an afternoon date. Prices are usually a little lower and the crowds aren’t as big.

Hiking - This makes a great morning date, but is also fun on a cooler afternoon in the spring or fall.

Dessert - If you only have an hour or less to go out, a dessert date is perfect! You can grab ice cream, or go to one of your favorite restaurants and only order dessert. We have a couple of unique dessert shops near us that serve things in addition to ice cream so our choices don’t feel so limited.

Happy Hour - A lot of restaurants have happy hour where they’ll serve discounted appetizers and/or drinks. Those items on their own are great for an afternoon date night snack, but it can also be a great way to save a bit of money on a full meal.

Picnic at the Park - I love picnic dates in almost every season (dang winter). It’s a fun and inexpensive way to do something simple but a little different together. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you could swing or play on the playground together afterward.

Seasonal Activity - Pumpkin patches and corn mazes, ice skating and snow shoeing, tulip festivals and kite flying, or going to the beach and going boating. There are so many fun, seasonal activities that we like to enjoy on day dates.

Brunch - Whether it’s first thing in the morning, or close to lunch, brunch is always a great option for a day date. You can never go wrong with breakfast foods!

Go for a Walk - We love going on walks together. Grab a smoothie or your favorite drink and walk on a local nature trail or down main street in your hometown. We love strolling main and seeing all of the cool little shops that we don’t notice when we’re driving on a normal day.

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Take a Saturday off of doing chores around the house or play hooky from work for a day and spend some extra time together. If you haven’t been on a day date in a while, put one on the calendar now!

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day time date ideas for married couples