A Day Full of Adventures

I got to spend 10 hours hanging out with my great husband yesterday! I think that a lot of memories were made and some good times were had!

Joe's mission buddy got married in the Timpanogos Temple and we were invited to share the special day with them! This is the first time that Joe and I been able to attend a sealing together that wasn't our own! It was a great experience! The couple looked fantastic and so happy! Congratulations you guys!

Below is Joe's newest look, I think he looks good, but it's odd for him to be so preppy:

Since we were in American Fork, we decided to take a trip to "the mini city", Cabelas because it's been talked about a lot lately, mostly with Joe's family because Joe's brother-in-law's second home is Cabelas, and I'd never been! Oh man, that place was fun! There's an aquarium (which we didn't think to visit until after we'd checked out) and I probably could have bought a fish, but Joe wouldn't have let me! We did wander through the big game room, which is like a mini museum, and that was a lot of fun! I entertain Joe because I get entertained by the smallest little things, and kept warning the camper that there were bears in his camp. Joe says, "That's why he's praying." because he is down on one knee, looking at the sky. I think that upstairs was my favorite because it was full of fun, random things that you could buy. Oh, but I got to feed fish!!! They have a pond, stream thing around the big mountain that is there and it is full of HUGE fish and Joe pointed out that for a quarter, I could feed the fish! Luckily, I had a quarter in my wallet, so I fed the fish! Joe took a picture and teased me that he wished he would have recorded it. I'm sorry, I talk to fish, is that a problem?!

download (1) (1).png

We were really hungry by then, so we drove back to Bountiful and ate dinner at our favorite Salt City Burger, it was so delicious!!! Then Joe decided that we should rent a redbox (thank you 12 days of Christmas codes) and we spent the rest of the night chilling on our couch with our movie and each other! It was a great date afternoon! Thanks Joe!! You're awesome!!!

What has been one of your favorite spontaneous days spent with your spouse?