4 Ways to Spice Up Date Night for Parents of Teenagers

We have quite a few years until we have teenagers at home, but the date night habits that we have now are going to carry us through those years of our marriage. There might be more alone time at home to enjoy while our kids are off having their own fun and there will be more things that take us out of the house than we have now with our toddlers. I don’t have personal experience with this stage in life, except from the perspective of being a teenager myself at one point in time, but I hope that these ideas will help you make more time for each other in the middle of this busy and potentially stressful stage of life!

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Date Night Ideas for Parents of Teenagers

Attend extracurricular events

Teenagers tend to be involved in a lot of things. Sports, dance, music, arts, etc. Those activities come with a lot of games and performances. Why not make a date of going to watch your teen do their thing? Start with dinner or end with dessert. Make sure your child knows that you’ll be there to support them, but for that specific event, you’ll be on a date so the time before or after is for the two of you as a couple. I know that going to do something as a family after games or concerts is usually a thing, and it’s fun and great, but taking the opportunity every few weeks to make it a mom and dad date instead of a family date is valuable and totally ok!

Chaperone a dance

Your teen might hate me for suggesting this idea, #sorrynotsorry, but do it anyway! I know that schools are often looking for chaperones for dances and other events. Sign yourselves up and turn the night into a fun date for the two of you! Have your own day activity, splurge a little on your outfit/hair/makeup, go to dinner and get in as many dances as you can while still fulfilling your supervising duties at the dance.

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Drop them off and then date

If you have teenagers who can’t drive themselves to activities or don’t have a car to use, take advantage of your “teen taxi” role to get out of the house and have fun! Jump in the car together to take your kid to a friend’s house, the movies, or wherever their friends have decided to hang out for the evening. Then find an activity, restaurant or movie that the two of you can enjoy and spend the time that your teen is out having a date! Driving kids around doesn’t have to cut into your time together, let it add to that time!

“Wait up” together

Depending on your teen’s curfew, you might be waiting up pretty late for them to get home. Why not make a date of it and enjoy that time together?! Have a dance party, watch a movie, make a late night treat or play your favorite board game. Maybe this would be a good time to pull out the Monopoly board because you might have hours to spend together.

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Having teenagers in your house can be a stressful and busy time of life. Embrace that stage of your parenting and find ways to have fun together through it! Gross your kids out and make sure they see that you love each other and that your marriage is and always will be a priority, no matter what other demands you have on your time. Stay involved in your teenager’s lives and stay involved in each other’s lives. Your family will be stronger and your teens might be embarrassed by you in the moment, but they’ll be grateful for your example and involvement for the rest of their lives!

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Teenagers keep life busy, but you can still make time for date night and have fun with it too! This post shares ideas that you can include in your date night rotation that other stages of life might not have made possible.