Date Night - The Food Truck League

One of our bucket list dates for this year was to spend a night eating from food trucks. I always feel like there are so many fun food trucks around, but not a lot in our area. I'm also jealous of the fun food truck round ups that I see people enjoying via Instagram. This summer I got lucky because a network called The Food Truck League started up. They have been putting together weekly "outdoor food courts" as they call them, all across the Salt Lake Valley and at the beginning of this month, one started in our area. Joe planned date night this week and I was excited to cross something else off our date night bucket list for the year. It was also a nice little break from a long day full of homework.

Date Night Bucket List

The worst part of our date night was deciding which food cart to try. We weren't hungry or ambitious enough to try three or four different things and share them this time around, so we both ended up at Rolling Mountain Bistro for some delicious pulled pork. I got a simple pulled pork sandwich with added deep fried onions and Joe got the Mountain Mac and Cheese. Mac and cheese, pulled pork, bacon, deep fried onions and I think a few other things make the most intense bowl of mac and cheese I've ever seen. Our food was so delicious and we enjoyed every bite!

pulled pork sandwich food trucks
food truck roundups

I loved how relaxed the atmosphere was at The Food Truck League and that there was a large grassy, shaded area next to the parking lot where we could lay out blankets and have a picnic. Even Bensen enjoyed himself! Any time somebody would walk past, he'd tilt his head back to try and see them. He's a people watcher and wants to observe everything going on around him. He also really loves to be outside, as we discovered this weekend.

food truck date night
summer date night ideas
date night with kids

Snowcones are a must in the summer and at food truck roundups, so we ended our night with Hawaiian ice as big as our head. I told Joe to get a small, he got a medium, I couldn't finish it. I saw a little boy walking around with a child sized snowcone and decided that I need that one next time. I got cotton candy and Joe had strawberry lemonade. Selfie mode on my phone stretched us out funny, I'll have to work on that for our next date.

date night ideas

If there are any food trucks in your area, and especially if there's a food truck round up event, make a date night out of it! It's the perfect summer date and something fun to do when you don't have someone to tend your baby or other kids. Next time we're even going to include Howie! Before we go back to The Food Truck League though, we've decided that we should probably try out the corn dog truck that's always parked near our house. We've lived here for a year now and were working on the house every night for two months before that and still haven't been, but we hear it's yummy!

Are there any food truck events near you? What food trucks do you like to frequent?