7 Date Ideas to Enjoy in the Winter to Spring Transition

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March and April are two of the hardest months for me because I feel like spring is constantly teasing us and I’m antsy for its arrival. I get eager for sunny days and warm summer nights. A lot of my favorite date night activities are summer ones, and I miss them during the other three seasons. While we wait for the sun to stick around more permanently and warmer temperatures, we still find ways to have fun together for date night.

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Take a Mid-Day Walk

It’s still a bit chilly at morning and in the evening to spend much time outside comfortably, but middle of the day temperatures are perfect. Most days are still overcast and we love to take our dog or our kids for a walk while we chat and enjoy the fresh air. If you’re feeling adventurous, explore a new area near you rather than walking your usual route. We have quite a few paved paths in our town that are part of nature reserves or other uninhabited areas that are beautiful and great places to walk during colder months when there’s still snow outside.

Watch a Rainstorm

There’s something so cozy about those drizzly, rainy days. If you have a covered patio or porch, cuddle up under a blanket together and enjoy your favorite warm drink while you listen to the rain fall. We love to watch storms from inside with our kids. We turn on some relaxing or romantic music and watch the rain fall. If there’s a thunder and lightening storm with the rain, I love it even more.

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Cook Together

All of our date nights include food of some kind, but we often opt for takeout or going out to eat. Recently we discovered that cooking together at home can be a lot of fun too! We’ve worked to perfect recipes on our grill and especially love making ribs in the smoker together. We also love making pizza at home and creating our own topping combinations. This date night cookbook has become one of our favorites for helping us cook together and be adventurous in the kitchen. Whether you’re looking to perfect the perfect chocolate chip cookie or want to try making a new dish, cooking together for date night is fun any time of year!

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Have a Nerf Gun War

We recently pulled out our nerf guns and had a fun competition together. This date brought out the kid in us both and gave us an escape from the business side of our relationship. You can play inside, using furniture as your forts or hiding throughout the entire house. If the weather is good, head outside and play through your entire yard, using trees and bushes as places to hide while you reload or catch your breath. After you finish your game, the movie ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ makes a fun addition to this date night.

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Snuggle for a Movie Marathon

Every once in a while, we love to relax and watch a movie together. We pull out all of the blankets and pop some popcorn and snuggle together for the night. Click here for some great new popcorn recipes you can try, whether you’re craving something sweet or salty. This list of movies will help you pick something to watch that you will both love and enjoy.

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Go to a Trampoline Park

It can be hard to stay active during the colder months. We have a few trampoline parks near us that provide the perfect setting to jump and get some physical activity in during the colder months when it’s too wet and muddy to be outside or go hiking. There are also other fun activity centers you can find near you that might include bowling, laser tag, nerf dart arenas, or go karts.

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Plan a Summer Project

Every year we work on a new project in our yard or house. Last year we built a deck and this year we’re redoing our lawn and finishing the deck and sandbox. We’ve been antsy all winter for warmer weather so that we could start on our project. Sometimes it’s fun to sit down together and plan out the project that you’re going to work on. Draw the design you’re looking for and wander through Home Depot pricing the materials that you’ll need and picking the details.

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We’re enjoying the warmer weather that we’ve had lately, but still see quite a few wet and snowy days. It’s usually wet and/or snowy on the weekend when we go on our dates so we aren’t able to enjoy the nicer weather that we had all week. These date ideas help keep us sane during the never-ending winter and help us look forward to warmer weather when we can be outside together more. I hope you find some fun ideas from this list and enjoy sprinter (spring/winter) in your area!

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Date night ideas for the winter to spring transition time. Plus this cute top from #shopmscb is perfect for wearing on those dates as the weather warms up but is still a bit cold.