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This past weekend we went on the date night that Date Crescent planned for us and had so much fun! After a crazy month with way less quality time than we’d like, a date night out was just what we needed! Even better was the fact that we didn’t have to do any of the planning. We just had to get dressed up and drive to the locations our date concierge had planned for us. No matter what stage you’re at in life, I can see a benefit to having your date nights planned for you every once in a while. And the good news is, every couple gets one free express date per month so you can try out their services right now !

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We love Date Crescent for a lot of reasons, and this date reminded me of those reasons and that I need to use their services to plan a date night more often! Having a date concierge plan your date for you pretty much guarantees that you’ll be eating somewhere to enjoying an activity that you’ve never done together before. Research has shown that new experiences create novelty in your relationship and help to keep the spark alive. So if you use Date Crescent’s services for no other reason than to try something new that you might not have otherwise thought to look for or even known about, it’s worth it!

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I had our date concierge plan a date for Mother’s Day weekend as a gift to myself. My first Mother’s Day, Joe’s mom asked if she could watch the baby while Joe took me to dinner. It was one of our first date nights out with our baby being less than a week old and it was so nice to sit down for dinner and be just husband and wife for a minute. A date night out with my husband is my favorite gift for any occasion, but I especially love enjoying time together as we celebrate our roles as parents, because without our relationship with each other, we wouldn’t have those cute kiddos that are ours. We’ve been busy with our yard projects so I knew that planning a date would be the last thing on Joe’s mind. Putting in a date request with Date Crescent meant someone else was planning the date and I got to enjoy time with my husband to celebrate Mother’s Day and the weekend.

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One of the things that I hadn’t thought of as a benefit of Date Crescent but that I really appreciated when we were out, was not having to research where we were going to dinner. Three months ago, Joe was diagnosed with Celiac disease which has added an element of adventure and a bit of frustration any time we go out. I do a lot of research when I’m planning a date, so that I know the restaurant where we are going has a gluten-free friendly atmosphere and a variety of options that Joe would enjoy eating. I don’t want him to feel like he’s settling for something he can eat while I’m enjoying something that I love, so the gluten-free options on the menu are important. There is a place to enter any dietary restrictions or preferences if you choose to have your concierge include dinner in your date night plan. Our date concierge picked a restaurant with great food and good gluten free options, saving me the time and making the date enjoyable for both of us!

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The activity that our concierge planned for us was probably the best part of the night! We went to one of our favorite comedy clubs for a special comedy show featuring comedians from Dry Bar Comedy. Who doesn’t love laughing with their spouse?! We had so much fun sitting and relaxing and laughing for the evening. It lightened our moods and helped us forget all of the other things that we had going on in life. When Victoria, our date concierge, was planning our date, she reached out to ask me how late we were ok being out on our date, in case the show ran past when we’d need to take our babysitter home or too late for our early bedtime. I really appreciated her thinking about and verifying those little details with us.

This is what our date proposal looked like when we got it back.

This is what our date proposal looked like when we got it back.

If you want to hand your date night planning over to a date concierge, click here to sign up for an account and take advantage of the free express date that each couple gets once a month. But I’d encourage you to go above and beyond and let your Date Crescent concierge take care of all of the details and make all of the reservations for you with their deluxe package! If you have a special event coming up, if your life is so busy you keep forgetting about date night, if one of you feels overwhelmed any time it’s your turn to plan date night, or if it’s just been a while since you’ve been out together, your marriage deserves that planned for you date night!

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Planning and organizing your date night activities can take up a lot of time. Let Date Crescent take the planning and stress out of your date nights and add a little adventure and excitement to your date night routine.