A New Kind of Dating Service, for Married Couples

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Research has shown that couples who regularly experience new things together are happier and keep their relationship fresh and long lasting. One of my favorite times to create memories and new experiences is during date night. After almost seven years of marriage, we sometimes find ourselves stuck in a date night rut, resorting to our tried and true activities. We love to try new things and be more adventurous with our date nights, but we don't always know what's out there or have the time to do all of the research to find something new and exciting. These are the times when we turn to Date Crescent!

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A Dating Service for Married Couples

Date Crescent was started to make date night easier for couples. When you submit a date proposal request, you have taken the first step to finding something unique and interesting to do for your next date night together. We love how simple it is to get your date nights planned with this dating service for couples and how much attention to detail was given during our profile setup and after our concierge sent over each idea.

Before you make your first date request, you'll need to set up your profile. This part took me about five to ten minutes, but filling out the information is really helpful when your concierge starts planning your date! The questions you're asked in your settings deal with food allergies, your location and what you are looking for when planning with Date Crescent (ie planning for a special occasion, new ideas for connecting as a couple, or saving time). You'll also note your preferences by giving different types of activities and experience a thumbs up or a thumbs down. I loved this because it gave me confidence that even though our concierge wouldn't know us personally, they wouldn't be taking a shot in the dark when planning our date and our date activity would be something that we'd be excited about.

UPDATE: Date Crescent recently changed their pricing tier and added more options to help you customize the service that you receive. These changes make them even more affordable and perfect for couples in every stage of life. You can click here to read their post with the details and updates.

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Next you move onto your date proposal! This part takes less than five minutes and I was really impressed with all of the details that Date Crescent covers in the request. The questions that you answer cover when you're wanting to go out, what your budget is for the date and the radius from home that you'd like to stay in. Your concierge can plan just an activity, or they can also plan a meal for you as well. If you want a meal, you'll also answer a few questions to help them plan that aspect. I submitted our request with confidence that there would be no clarification needed because they'd thought of every detail they'd need to ask to make the service a success for everyone.

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After you submit your date night request and pay the fee, your date concierge will put together a proposal for you and you'll get an e-mail when it's ready. The fee for each date proposal is $10, but if you subscribe to the Date Crescent newsletter and follow them on social media, you'll be in the know when they have sales! Just last month they had a 50% off deal that I shared on my social media channels. For all of the work and thought that's put into each date proposal, along with their quick turn around and excellent customer service, the fee is totally reasonable in my opinion!

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When your date night proposal is ready, you'll receive an e-mail letting you know to log in and review the proposal. Our first proposal was one that I was really excited about, our concierge had planned for us to try out an Indian restaurant and then take dancing lessons. Both of those were something new for us. I shared the date idea with Joe and he let me know that he wouldn't enjoy the dancing part of the evening, but Joe wasn't completely on board with the activity for the evening. Because I wanted to plan a date that we'd both really love and enjoy, I decided to resubmit our request for changes. There's a place to request those changes, so I left a note letting them know what was going up and sent it back. They quickly got back to me with another proposal, and it was one that we really loved so we accepted!

Once you've got a date proposal that you're excited about, you can take it and run with it or you can request that your concierge do some further planning. They are able to make reservations at restaurants and book your activity for the evening. Date Crescent will use the card on file to cover any costs that need to be paid up front and will send you the tickets and reservation confirmation once it's complete. Thanks to this service, date night could be as easy as just showing up, which is perfect for busy couples or the partner who feels pressure and anxiety when it's their turn to plan date night. 

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We went on our date a few weeks ago and had a lot of fun! We had requested a cultural experience and our concierge put together the perfect combination for dinner and our activity. They planned for us to go to Tucanos for dinner, one of our favorite Brazilian grills that we hadn't been to in almost two years so we were really happy that they suggested we go! Our after dinner activity was a play at the university. I love musicals and plays and was glad that we were able to support students in their performance as part of our date. Due to abnormal traffic, our date night didn't go smoothly and we had to adjust our plans a little bit, but we both enjoyed our time together and were grateful for the opportunity to connect and try something new.

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Date Crescent is a great service for couples in any stage or situation in life. Whether you're in charge of planning your anniversary, are looking for a date that fits your spouse's favorite things for their birthday, have a goal to plan a kid-free night out, or just don't want to have to think about your next date beyond when you'll be going, Date Crescent is perfect for you! I've thought that this is a service that would be great for a few years now so I was really excited when I found out that it was a reality. Check out their FAQ page for more information and submit a date proposal request, then let me know how it went! I'm looking forward to having them plan our next date night experience and can't wait to see what they surprise us with when we do.

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This service will take care of planning date night for you. Perfect for busy couples in any stage of life!