The Best Date Night Subscription Boxes for Married Couples

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I'm part of a lot of different marriage groups on Facebook and at least once a month, I see someone ask for suggestions on date night and relationship enhancing subscription boxes that are out there. I always share a few that we've tried, but I've always wondered if there was a resource that includes them all. After doing some research, I found quite a few subscription box services that fit the marriage strengthening description but every post I found only shared links to a handful of boxes.

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subscription boxes for married couples

I've put this post together as a resource to share with those people who are looking for monthly subscription options for date nights at home. I've scoured the internet and social media looking for subscription companies that are currently in business. Below you'll find a link to each one, pricing information and what makes them unique in the date box subscription world. Some of the companies have offered an exclusive promo code for my readers to test out their date night box. Pay close attention to the expiration dates on the ones that you're hoping to redeem because a couple are only good for the next month or so.

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relationship subscription box

Date Night Subscription Boxes for Married Couples

Pricing: $39/month - Monthly, $36/month - 3 Months, $34/month - 6 months

Unbox Love dates are designed to foster connection, create memories and deepen the bond between each partner. They are designed specifically for couples in committed relationships. Each box is a surprise and will hopefully provide you with next experiences that might push you a little outside your comfort zone. Each box will give you the chance to serve, appreciate and connect with each other.

What's in the box? Each box includes games, challenges, activities and snacks. The games that are included are ones that you'll want to keep and play time and time again. You can check out details for what's been included in a few date boxes in the past on their website.

Pricing: $34.99/date - Month to Month, $33/date - 3 Months of Dates, $32.83/date - 6 Months of Dates, $31.67/date - 12 Months of Dates

Date Night In was started by a couple who realized that having two young kids and balancing full-time jobs didn't leave much time for the date nights out that they were used to. The designed at-home date nights and documented their journey on social media. When their family and friends started asking for information on where to get their ideas and supplies for each date, they created their date night subscription. The goal of Date Night In is to help you invest in your love while taking the stress out of planning date night, helping you create truly memorable experiences. Their dates are designed to challenge you and help you invest in your relationship.

What's in the box? A date night itinerary is included with each box. Each itinerary includes links to custom playlists and meal recipes for your date. You will also find activities to help you enhance your relationship and all of the supplies you need to enjoy your date. You can view sample date boxes from previous months on their website.

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monthly subscription boxes for couples

Pricing: $39/every other month - Bi-Monthly Subscription, $210/year - Annual Subscription, $44/box - Single Box

Couples Getaway was created to inspire romantic getaways and date nights for married couples. The boxes will help you escape your daily routine, disconnect from everything around you so you can connect with each other and spend some quality one-on-one time together while exploring a new destination or enjoying a unique, destination themed date night at home.

What's in the box? Each box includes inspiration for your next couples getaway and features a detailed itinerary highlighting where to eat, stay and play along with 4-5 products that are local to and/or inspired by the featured destination.

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Pricing: $7.99/month - Digital Only, $39.99/month - One Month, $36.99/date - Three Months, $32.99/date - Six Months
Discount Code: 50% off your first box with coupon code APRIORITIZEDMARRIAGE50

Something that makes Datebox different than the other date night subscriptions is that not every box is an at home experience. You can choose to receive an at home date box or you can get a date night out on the town if your city is one available on the site for them to plan. You can also choose to receive your dates by digital download. Each date comes with a complete date guide, custom playlist and conversation starters to help you get to know each other better.

What's in the box? If you receive an at home date you can expect games, how-to classes, snack and drink recipes, keepsakes and more. If you choose to have Datebox send you out on the town you might head out to try a new restaurant, take a tour or go on an adventure. Datebox will give you detailed information about where you're headed and unique voucher codes to redeem your date when you get to your destination.

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marriage subscription box

Pricing: $26.99/month - Diamond Membership, $19.99/month - Story Mode
Discount Code: 25% off the first month of a Diamond Membership with code: prioritized

Each Crated with Love box is designed by the founders, Tyler and Michelle. Michelle is a marriage counselor so the games and activities in each box include a lot of therapy techniques that make connecting with each other fun and simple, yet effective. This subscription service is perfect for couples who are looking to not only go on a fun date night, but use that date night time to grow and strengthen their relationship. Tyler says, "We also try and be lighthearted and a little cheesy with our activities because our goal is to inspire laughter and break the ice which leads to a more intimate connection." The goal of Crated with Love is to help make marriages stronger.

What's in the box? Each box includes four games or activities that focus on inspiring fun while creating quality time with your significant other. All of the items you will need for your date night are included in the box! You will also find Crated with Love swag and bonus date content for Diamond members.

Pricing: $39.95/month - New Love
Discount: You can get your first sample date night box for free, you just have to cover shipping. Visit their website and click the box in the upper right hand corner to claim yours.

Datelivery was created to deliver fun and unique date night activities that allow you to fond, re-connect and have fun with your significant other. Datelivery helps couples find time for each other, find exciting activities to do together and reconnect emotionally.

date night box subscription

Pricing: $35/month - Dating (1 date), $33/month - Steady (3 dates), $30/month - Committed (6 dates), $29/month - In Love (12 dates)

DateBox Club was created to bring a high quality, creative date to your door. The goal of each date is to help you laugh, connect and communicate with each other in new ways each month. Each date has been vetted and tested so you know that they'll be good.

What's in the box? Each box is themed and includes things like a DIY project, a game, cooking activity or a fun couple's challenge. They also include a thoughtful gift, delicious treat communication exercise or more. You can check out their website for some ideas of what's included in each box.

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Pricing: $4.99/date - Date Night Download, digital date night kits

Date to Door was started by a married couple to make relationships and marriage better. Their dates are created to help you engage with each other while creating memories that you'll enjoy looking back on for years to come. A big difference to note about Date to Door is that it's not a subscription service so you won't receive a recurring charge on your card each month. Currently, it looks like they're only offering digital versions of dates, but this would be a great option for couples who are on a budget and would still like their date night planned for them.

best date night subscription box

Pricing: $2.99 - Express, $9.99 - Standard, $14.99 - Deluxe

Date Crescent was started to make date night easier for couples. When you submit a date proposal request, you have taken the first step to finding something unique and interesting to do for your next date night together. We love how simple it is to get your date nights planned with this dating service for couples and how much attention to detail was given during our profile setup and after our concierge sent over each idea. These are great for helping you plan a date night out as frequently as you are working to get out together.

Pricing: $69/month - Bronze, $89/month - Silver, $159/month - Gold

Date Nite Box was created based on research that shows that novelty (doing new things together as a couple) can help to put the spark back in your relationship. They fully plan out date nights for couples that are unique, creative and fun. This takes the effort and time spent planning out of date nights and helps to keep date night stress free and exciting.

What's in the box? Every box comes with a fully customized planned and booked date valued at over $150. The box also comes with pre-paid vouchers for your dinner, activities and events plus additional date night goodies.

monthly subscription boxes for married couples

Pricing: $39/month - Curious (month to month), $35/month Crushing (3 months prepaid), $32/month - Committed (6 months prepaid)

Bonding Bees mission is to encourage couples to gather, give and grow. "Gather for one night a month, leaving your phones, tv and stress to the side. Give to each other by investing your time in date nights and keeping your relationship a priority. Grow through customized date nights designed to help you learn more and challenge each other while rekindling the spark and growing your love." One thing that makes Bonding Bees unique is that each box purchased helps to sponsor children in poverty.

What's in a box? Each month you'll receive a box with a unique theme, full of activities to go with it. Activities might include games, food and recipes, crafts, relationship building exercises, desserts, gifts and more. You can check out their website for some pictures of past boxes.

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Pricing: $54/box - One box every quarter

The founders of The Modern Love Box are a husband and wife team. Alysha is a Relationship Therapist with a full time practice in Denver Colorado. Aron is a Digital Creative. Together they are using their expertise to sell more than a subscription. The goal of The Modern Love Box is to inspire overall relationship enhancement. Their boxes include engaging experiences and concepts which help contribute to pure honesty, connection and fun. They provide tools and resources to spice things up so you can learn something new about each other and re-engage more passionately and authentically.

What's in the box? Each box is seasonal and inspired by real couple's requests and needs. You'll find a guide to your box, luxury products and activities and positive challenges in your box. Each box is put together with the intent to support getting closer on all levels.

monthly date night box subscription discounts

Pricing: $37.95 - Month to Month, $102 - 3 Month Prepay, $193 - 6 Month Prepay

Noche De Amor was started after a couple became parents and six months later, realized that they needed a date night. They wanted a way to connect with each other outside of "Netflix and chill" but also weren't ready to go out and leave the baby at home.

What's in a box? Each month includes something different and spontaneous for you to do together. An activity, a treat to make together, games, full recipes and more.

Pricing: $22 - $32

Dates Done Right has a few different date night options for couples. For less money than a classing "dinner and a movie", you can step outside the box and have better quality time together. You'll always know what's coming and that it's going to be something that the two of you enjoy doing together.

couples subscription box

Pricing: Starting at $29.99 per box.

CitaBox is currently in pre-launch phase and will launch this summer. The goal of CitaBox is to bring easy, affordable date nights to couples who are too busy to plan them. Each box is customized to the couple's personalities and preferences. They will include everything you need for a perfect date night (or day) including a date guide, snacks, recipes, activities and a curated playlist to set the mood.

Pricing: $49.95/date

This is a date box that's coming soon, but it looks like you can order dates already by e-mailing them. The date comes with chocolate, sparkling cider, gum, twilight candles, a fluffy blankets and Chinese lanterns to set the mood.

Pricing: $34.99/date

This crate includes everything needed for this month’s creative surprise date night! May include everything from DIY activities, supplies to set up your romantic atmosphere, ingredients to create easy and unique treats, or an adventure guide with all the supplies you'll need to enjoy it together. They also have an intimate box option. Intended for those 18+ This box includes all the fun and creativity of the basic date crate, but will also include more intimate date night themes some months (such as massage or bath nights for example).

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date night subscription boxes for married couples

I will continue to update this post as I find new companies any of the ones included on this list go out of business, so be sure to pin it and check back to see what's new and updated!

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