How to Create Your Own Date Night Bucket List

Last year, to help me achieve my goal of being more intentional with our date nights, I created a Date Night Bucket List. Having a list of dates that we want to go on made coming up with what we're going to do each week a little bit easier. I loved it so much that I've decided to make it an annual tradition in our marriage! Do you have date night activities that you always talk about doing but never seem to follow through on? You should create a date night bucket list of your own this year and start to enjoy some of the things that you've always wanted to do together.

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Four steps to creating your own date night bucket list. Add some variety to your date nights this year and give yourselves something to really look forward to.

Create a Date Night Bucket List

1. Make a list of all of the restaurants, attractions, activities, etc. that you have always talked about doing together. We like to keep ours on a shared Google Spreadsheet so that either of us can add to the list at any point in time.

2. Divide the list into categories depending on what types of things you've included on your list. Some suggestions for categories might be kid free, family date night, restaurants, active dates, romantic, season/holiday specific, etc.

3. Pick six to ten dates from your list and use them to create a Date Night Bucket List for the coming year. I've found that committing to more than one date every month or two can be a little overwhelming. 

4. Put your date nights on the calendar. This year I have put each date night on my to do list for the month that seems most fitting for it. I'm hoping this will bring us more success in completing them!

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How to create your own date night bucket list

With the addition of a new baby to our family, my school/work schedule, and a few other unforeseen conflicts, we didn't quite get through our entire list for 2015, so I've added those dates to this list as well. I'm really excited to execute these date nights this year and share our fun with you after we do!

Midway Ice Castles - This has been something that I've wanted to do for the past few years, but schedules haven't allowed us to go. Joe got a Groupon for this in his Christmas stocking this year, so we have to go now! We really loved exploring Midway on our weekend away in October and I can't wait to see what it's like up there in the winter! Date completed on 1/30/2016.

Hatch Family Chocolates - I've gone to Hatch's with friends, and we stopped there for frozen hot chocolate to go after we left the hospital with Bensen. I've really wanted to take Joe there on a date and haven't yet. They have the most amazing hot chocolate and I think it would make the perfect Saturday afternoon date.

Pedal Boats & Ferris Wheel - This is a date that's carried over from last year's bucket list. We had plans to complete it, but rainy weather ruined those. There is a park downtown that has both pedal boats and a ferris wheel running during the warm months. This will make a really great Saturday afternoon date! Pedal Boat date completed 6/4/2016.

Bees Baseball Game - We completed the dinner half of the date night that we had planned last year, but never made it to a baseball game. It's been a while since we've gone to see the local minor league team play. This date night will probably be one that includes Bensen, I think he'll love the sites and sounds of the game. We'll enjoy ball park food and maybe even some fireworks if we're lucky!

Moonlit Lift Ride - Another date night that we didn't get to do last year like I'd planned. One of the resorts in Utah has a fun activity every year around late summer/early fall. You can ride the ski lift up the mountain in the moonlight. I've heard that it makes for a romantic date night!

Hike & Picnic - There are a lot of beautiful hikes in our area, but we've yet to go on one together and it didn't work out last year like I thought it would. When the leaves change colors in the fall, I think this wold make the perfect family date activity on a Saturday morning. Date completed on 7/10/2016.

Bowling, Mini Golf & Arcade Games - Last year I had planned to do this for Joe's birthday, but he had other things that he wanted to do instead. These are three of his favorite things to do and it's been a while since we've done any of them together. There's a fun place ten minutes away from us where we can do all of these things plus maybe play laser tag.

The Melting Pot - We have a lot of big moments to celebrate in the coming year, and when we celebrate, we splurge on dinner together. I've heard that the atmosphere is amazing and that it's the perfect location for a romantic date night. Date completed on 6/4/2016.

Jingle Bus & Christmas Lights - Salt Lake City has one of the biggest must see Christmas light displays each year.

Tell me what you'll be adding to your date night bucket list!