Create a Home: The Family Room

This was the last room in our main living area to be finished and decorated and I honestly wasn't that excited about it when I first started. It's an odd room and I just didn't have as much inspiration with this one as I did when I was planning our front room and kitchen. But once again, the closer it got to completion, the more I liked the room and started to refer to it as my favorite. I love how it ties in with the other two main areas of the house but has its own unique atmosphere at the same time. There is still an area of this room that I am working on, the mantle doesn't feel quite finished and perfect to me yet, and we have a lot of future plans for the area that will take a couple of years to complete, but I'm really happy with how it turned out so far!

Create a Home: The Family Room

The Goal:

This is the room that I see bringing our family together and I wanted it to be cozy, comfortable and simple without a whole lot of clutter. Our individual bedrooms can be a sanctuary, but I want us to have somewhere that we want to come and do homework, participate in activities, watch a movie, or play games while other family members are doing the same around us so that we can spend time together and enjoy each other's company. This space needed to be warm and inviting and have room for everyone to hang out at the same time without feeling too crowded.

The Before Pictures:

Family Room - Before
Family Room - Before
Family Room - Before

The Plan and Process:

The biggest changes in this room were the carpet and the mantle. We also tore out the tile next to the garage and replaced it with new tile (it had flowers on it and was kind of gross), but we decided to just clean the tile and grout around the fireplace really well because it was in decent shape and would have been a lot of work to replace.

I wish I would have taken pictures of the staining process of our mantle. The wood was beautiful before, just not a color that would match our decor, and staining it was fairly simple. I love the mantle and even though it is overwhelming to decorate because it's so long and deep, I love the focus that it is in this room and don't ever plan on getting rid of it.

Mantle Staining - Before

The After Pictures:

Family Room - After
Mantle - After
Accent Wall - After
Side Table

The Little Details:

Mantle Decor

The mantle is obviously the focal point of this room and I planned for it to be that way. Joe wanted to hang our TV over it and position the couches facing it, but because of things that I'd seen and read on multiple websites, I knew that would make the room seem smaller and make the TV the main focus of this room and really our home because looking down into this room from the main floor/kitchen area, the mantle is the first thing you see. I would still like to add to the decor, but I'm happy with what I have so far. It represents us as a family and what our values are.

Accent Wall

The accent wall was a recent decision and one that I'm glad I made. It was such a long, empty wall with random windows in the middle and an annoying ledge across the middle of it. I mentioned adding an accent color to this room and my mom suggested painting the top half of the wall to match the yellow that I have in the kitchen and the front room, so I went for it! It instantly added warmth to the room and made the area a little more inviting and friendly as opposed to dreary grey everywhere. Because I didn't plan to put much color into the room with my decorations like I have in other spaces, this wall was a must. I may frame the windows to give the wall a little more personality or hang a valence or something over them, but I'm still undecided on that. If it happens, I'll post it on Instagram for everyone to see here in the next few months!

Picture Shelves

Home Print: c/o Ashley Nevis Prints
Picture Ledge: Target

These picture shelves are so simple, but they are definitely my favorite part of this room. Remember the collage wall that I created in our front room with the quote "Home is where the heart is"? I feel like this area ties the two rooms together with the Home print from Ashley Nevis Prints that I placed in the center of this collage. The quote is simple but it speaks volumes to the goal that I have for this space in our home and the atmosphere that I've tried to create. Over the years, I can change out the pictures in my frames to include other family members, our children, etc.

Ashley Nevis Prints

The Future Plans:

Gas Fireplace - The fireplace in this room is not my favorite. It has residue from tape and stickers and the metal curtains in front of it are falling apart. In a year or so, we're going to need to put a grate up in front of the whole thing to keep the baby from making a huge mess of things. Eventually, I would love to upgrade to a gas fireplace because this room is one of the coldest in the house, and I like the atmosphere that my parent's fireplace creates in their living area. It makes everything more warm and cozy.

Entertainment Wall - Joe has big plans for the wall that our TV occupies currently, which is why it looks a little empty right now. He would have loved to buy a 70" TV to replace the one that he bought a few years before we got married, but we decided that there were probably more important things to spend our money on right now. When we upgrade our TV, we plan to build an entertainment center around it to replace the makeshift one that we've created with storage cabinets. This project is probably Joe's biggest dream for our house.

Entertainment Center

New Furniture - Another thing that Joe really wants to do is upgrade our furniture. We love the comfort of the couch that we currently have, but it's too large for our awkwardly shaped space, and we've had to store the center section elsewhere in the house for it to fit like it does. Our current plans include two love seat recliner/rockers (Joe's parents have one and they're awesome) and a couple of large love sacs. I would love to get a nice sectional, but the room just isn't built for something like that.

Office Alcove - Right now our office is upstairs in one of the spare bedrooms, but we realize that we'll eventually need that room for kids, so our plan is to get a nice desk and create an office corner in the random alcove of this room. The alcove is still a work in progress, since it's such an odd shape, which is why you don't see an after picture of it above. You will find pictures of the alcove, once I'm done decorating it, on Instagram!


I was so excited when Ashley started Ashley Nevis Prints and reached out to me to feature one of her prints in our home tour!

I've always been inspired by Ashley and how creative she is in all areas of her life! One of the best things about her hand drawn art is how well they fit into the decor in any room of your house because they are so simple, but they add so much personality or meaning to a space as well. I have my eye on Write and Passion for when I get around to decorating my office corner and I'll be looking at Live in My Heart and Follow My Heart when I tackle our master bedroom.

If you're looking for prints to add to the living areas of your home, I would suggest Smile, Netflix, Adventures or Custom Family Name!

Ashley Nevis Prints

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I have always been fascinated with hand lettering, and a few months ago, I started practicing prints for fun. I was getting a lot of good feedback from my friends and family, so I decided to open up an online shop, and thanks to my web developer husband, Ashley Nevis Prints was born!

What makes you so passionate about what you do and what you sell?

I love hand lettering because I think it's a really unique type of art. No matter how many times you practice lettering, it's a little different with each stroke. It's not as "cookie cutter" as using a font, and I think those little imperfections or differences in each letter really make the prints look special.

Tell me what makes your business unique?

I offer free shipping anywhere in the United States! This stems from my personal experiences with online shopping and getting frustrated when the price of my cart goes up drastically once I get to the shipping page. That's one of the fun parts of being a business owner - making the calls on what you think will make your customers happy.

What is one thing you want everyone to know about your business?

More than anything, I want you to know that I'm a real person on the other side of my website. If you have a question about anything, have any idea for a print that you want me to play around with, have any comments or concerns about the prints on my site, want to talk specific colors you might want in a print, etc., just send me an e-mail! I am more than happy to work with you so that you get exactly what you want.

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