6 Tips to Make Family Pictures Less Painful for Your Husband

Sadie and I are teaming up for an awesome collaboration of posts today! This past weekend my entire family had pictures taken with Sadie and last month she took pictures for Joe’s family. After this last photo shoot, I heard things like, “that was the most painless picture session” and “those were the easiest pictures I’ve ever taken” . Sadie knows what she’s talking about when she shares her tips for Painless Photos for the Entire Family, so definitely check out her post!

Any time I mention family pictures, or taking pictures for the blog, my husband moans and groans. I know a lot of husband’s are the same way, and even some wives. With family picture season coming up and everyone getting ready to take their annual photos for Christmas cards, I want to help you (and your husband) out! Even though I don’t understand the pain that my husband experiences when taking pictures, I want to do everything I can to make him feel more comfortable for family pictures when I insist on having them done annually. This year, and every year for the rest of your lives together, I hope pictures are less stressful and more enjoyable for the entire family!

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How to Make Family Pictures Pain Free for Your Husband

Compromise with your husband on picture details

Your husband might not be completely on board with taking pictures as a family or a couple but I bet he’d be willing to compromise so that he’s a little more on board than not. You might compromise on the place where you’ll be taking pictures or the clothes that are worn. Or another idea might be to participate in an activity they love without complaint if they willingly participate in family pictures, smile for the camera and don’t complain during the session so that it’s enjoyable for everyone.

Let your husband wear something he is comfortable in for family pictures

My husband wears golf polos or t-shirts the majority of the time. When we take pictures, I pick a nicer looking golf polo that matches the rest of our outfits and let him wear that. If we’re taking dressier pictures, I make his dress more on the casual side and pick out clothes he already owns and wears often. If you choose to purchase new outfits for the entire family, make sure it’s something that you know your husband will wear on a regular basis after pictures are over. Your husband will be happier during pictures if he doesn’t feel uncomfortable in the clothes he is wearing, and he’ll most likely resent the process less.

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Let your husband pick the date and time for family pictures

We’ve been taking photos for the blog monthly for the last year and a half. During that time, I’ve learned that my husband is a lot less grumpy about being in pictures depending on when they are scheduled. If he has to take pictures on his day off work, he’s more verbal about his dislike of the activity. If we grab some quick pictures on a day when he’s worked, after he’s had time to wind down, and when he doesn’t have anything else planned, he’s more willing to join us.

As you’re talking with the your photographer about possible dates and times that work for everyone, include your husband in the discussion. Make sure he knows that you want it to be a convenient time for him, and you don’t want to add any stress to his day or get in the way of something that he would have planned instead of family pictures. Within reason of course, because I know that my husband could come up with a lot of things he’d “need” to do instead of family pictures, if we let him. ;)

Make your family picture session fast

Neither kids and husbands want to stay and pose for an entire hour. The faster you can get your pictures done, the happier everyone will be. Go into your session with a list of the poses that are most important to you to get (entire family, kids alone, mom and dad alone, each parent with the kids, etc.). Once you’re there, get the pictures taken and call it quits! The longer your family picture session goes, the grumpier everyone will be

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Give your husband a heads up about family pictures

In addition to involving your husband in the planning, don’t spring pictures on him. Let him know when they will be, add it to the calendar and give them a remidner as the date gets closer.

Treat your husband when family pictures are over

You see people rewarding their kids for cooperating during family pictures, why not treat your husband afterward as well? Go out for a special dinner or dessert as a family. Or, like I mentioned in the first tip, you can compromise and do something your husband loves for date night, after he joins in on family or couple photos.

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Family pictures and pictures of just my husband and I together are really important to me to have taken every year. I want to capture our family in every stage so we have those pictures to look back on and remember. They’re a non-negotiable for me, but my Joe couldn’t care less about them. I know that it’s important for us to meet in the middle and since I’m not willing to nix the sessions altogether, I do my best to make them as pleasant for him as possible. These tips have helped our marriage, I hope they help yours as well!

This post was part of a collaboration with our favorite photographer, Sadie Banks! Click here to head to her blog and read her post titled, ‘Painless Photos for the Whole Family’! She’s made our family photo and blog photo experience a good one. Joe wouldn’t ever admit it, but he sincerely smiles and laughs during our photo sessions and we have a lot of fun!

Photography by Sadie Banks Photography

Does your husband dread family picture day? These tips might help him hate them less, and maybe even enjoy taking family pictures.