Countdown to Valentines Day in a Meaningful Way

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Last Valentines day, I overheard a few coworkers expressing their dislike of the holiday. They felt that it was a day that is commercialized and just to get spouses to buy gifts for each other. I've heard other people suggest that they don't need a special day to let their husband/wife know that they love them. My personal opinion is that Valentines day is an opportunity to shower your lover with extra attention and that if you put some thought into your gift, it can be meaningful and memorable rather than just out of obligation.

I decided that I wanted to put together a countdown to start celebrating Valentines day at the beginning of February. Luckily for me, The Dating Divas came out with their done-for-you 14 days of love countdown, making this meaningful gift super easy for me to put together. I am so excited for February 1st, day one of the countdown!

14 Days of Valentines Countdown

The best part about this countdown is the thought that's put into it. It's not just 14 days of items, it's 14 days of intentional love for your spouse. You make them feel special through love notes, service and quality time. The Divas have hit each one of the love languages with this countdown so no matter what language your spouse speaks, it will be something that they will appreciate.

There are three date night cards throughout the 14 days helping you get in some quality time and even physical touch. You will be doing acts of service not only for your spouse, but together for other loved ones as well, and I think the serving together is an awesome idea! Little love notes based on prompts that the Divas have given you will speak love to any words of affirmation spouses out there. And the entire countdown itself is a great gift, but you could include little treats or other things you know your spouse would love if their top love language is gifts.

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Countdown to Valentine's Day

If you're hesitant about the time and effort that you'll have to put into getting this gift ready in time to start on February 1st, don't worry! The most time consuming part of prepping the countdown is probably cutting out the cards, envelopes and embellishments. I sat down this past weekend while both kids were napping and my husband was out running errands and was able to get the entire thing planned and put together in less than an hour.

The Divas have done a lot of the planning for you and the prompts for the love notes are so simple but meaningful. After filling out all of the cards, I stuffed the envelopes while making notes in my planner to remind myself what I needed to be doing behind the scenes every day until Valentines. I have little lists of what needs to be prepped before date nights and the things that I want to do to serve Joe based on his work and life schedule for that day. You can attach your countdown to a poster, use mini clothespins like these and some string to hang it banner style, or simply give your spouse their envelope each day.

Valentine's ideas

I've decided that I will be surprising Joe with his envelope before noon every single day. I might hand it to him as I kiss him goodbye in the morning, hide it in his lunchbox for him to find later, or leave it sitting somewhere that I know he will see it. I can't wait to have a new Valentines tradition and print this countdown out every single year!

Whether you're planning a romantic getaway or night out, a quiet evening at home just the two of you or a fun family celebration for Valentines day this year, I guarantee your spouse will appreciate the extra love for two weeks. You don't necessarily need an special day to let your husband or wife know that you care about them, but a little extra love every once and a while doesn't hurt either.

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What are your plans for Valentines day this year?