How Understanding The Color Code Can Benefit Your Marriage

Do you and your spouse ever have disagreements? Probably not, right? ;) But if you are one of the few people who has ever disagreed with their spouse, it may be because of personality differences. It can be hard to understand people who don’t think like us, but we’re here to provide you will a valuable tool that can strengthen your marriage by strengthening your understanding of your spouse’s personality. Are you intrigued? :)

The Color Code is a personality test that categorizes people into four personality types: Blue, Red, Yellow and White. Each personality comes with its own Driving Core Motive (motive in life), strengths, limitations, wants and needs. There’s a lot to learn about the Color Code, but today we just want to provide you with the basics to help you get on a path to improve your marriage. After taking our test with your spouse and discovering each of your colors, you can read below to learn a little more about what they mean and apply that knowledge to make your marriage stronger! Ready?

How the Color Code Can Benefit Your Marriage

the color code and relationships

The Blue personality

Blues are motivated by Intimacy. This means they are happiest in life when connecting with other people and building relationships. Blues have great strengths, including being compassionate, sincere, loyal, thoughtful, analytical, caring, intuitive, detail conscious, dependable and deliberate. Although they aren’t fun to hear, Blues have limitations as well. Blues are worry-prone, overly sensitive, self-righteous, unforgiving, judgemental, suspicious, perfectionists, hard to please, moody and jealous.

Each color personality comes with its own wants and needs. It’s really important to understand what your spouse wants and needs so you can help them feel loved and/or happy. Blues need to be good morally. They also need to be understood, appreciated and accepted. They want to reveal their insecurities, to attain quality, to be autonomous and to have security.

The Color Code - Blues in a relationship

The White personality

Whites are motivated by Peace. This means they desire to be in peaceful environments rather than engaging in conflict. Whites have amazing strengths that include being kind, balanced, even-tempered, accepting, voices of reason, good listeners, inventive, objective, diplomatic and non-discriminate. As for the limitations, Whites are timid, indecisive, unmotivated, silently stubborn, inexpressive, they avoid conflict, they are boring, indifferent, ambivalent and uninvolved.

Whites need to feel good inside and to be given space. The need to be respected, and they also need to be accepted. Whites want to withhold their insecurities and to please themselves and others. They want to be independent and to feel contented.

The color code - white in a relationship

The Red personality

Reds are motivated by Power. This means they are in their element when they are leading and taking charge. Reds have awesome strengths, which include being decisive, assertive, action-oriented, motivated, determined, responsible, focused, confident, leaders and proactive. Reds also have limitations. They are selfish, insensitive, arrogant, always right, impatient, bossy, aggressive, argumentative, demanding and obsessive.

Reds need to look good technically and to be right. They also need to be respected and to attain approval from a select few. Reds want to hide their insecurities tightly, and they want to be productive.They also want to be in leadership positions and to experience challenging adventures.

The color code - red in a relationship

The Yellow personality

Yellows are motivated by Fun. They are happiest when they’re having a good time, which isn’t hard for them to accomplish. Yellows have wonderful strengths such as being fun-loving, persuasive, carefree, insightful, flexible, trusting, spontaneous, happy, charismatic and sociable. Just like the other colors, they have limitations, too. Their limitations include being uncommitted, self-centered, disorganized, impulsive, undisciplined, vain, afraid to face facts, inconsistent, unfocused and interrupters.

Yellows need to look good socially and to be noticed. They also need to be praised and to receive approval from the masses. Yellows want to hide their insecurities loosely, and they want to achieve happiness. They also want to be free and enjoy playful adventure.

the color code - yellow in a relationship

Can you see how understanding your spouse’s innate personality could improve your marriage? Even though every color comes with limitations, we believe you can overcome them with hard work. Having a knowledge of your strengths and limitations is a powerful thing and will hopefully lead to you being a better spouse as well! We hope you enjoyed learning more about the Color Code! Good luck in your marriage!

The Color Code