California Day 6 - Relaxing at the Beach

Thursday was a day to rest and relax on our trip. We didn't visit any theme parks, we didn't have any planned activities, and we got to sleep in! It was really nice!

The only thing that we really did was go to the beach for a third time. I think the kids were a little disappointed in me while we were there though because I was tired after three days of going, going, going and I had a book that I needed to start reading for school, so I spent most of my time on a towel reading and enjoying the sun rather than playing this time. Good thing the uncles and Grandpa were willing to play!

Wave jumping with the uncles! This is what we did with them most of the time when we were at the beach. I think the kids could do this for hours and never get bored.

These sweet sisters spent most of their time playing in the sand. The older sister liked to build things and the younger one loved to knock those things down. I love the first picture below because our niece LOVED playing in the sand but every once in a while she realized she was dirty and had sand all over her hands or something and she'd get frustrated and try to brush it off, and then she'd get distracted and forget about it again.

Uncle Joe liked to dig holes on the beach for the kids to play in! This one just kept getting deeper and deeper.

He wouldn't get in the holes until today.

She loved climbing in the hole!

And climbing back out again!

Our niece climbed in and out of that hole so many times and every time she got out, she'd yell, "I did it!" or "I got out!" And then it got so deep that her head barely came over the top and she climbed in when Joe wasn't there to pull her right back out and we heard this cute little voice saying, "I need out!" She also HATED it if Whitney tried to fill in the hole at all while she was in it. She threw a huge fit when that happened.

The kids decided, with suggestion from Uncle Joe, that they needed to bury the other uncle. They were really entertained and I think would have buried him up to the top of his head if Joe hadn't told them when to stop. He was good and buried, that's for sure!

Trying to escape.

It wasn't as easy as he thought it would be.

He wanted to be buried too!

This next picture cracks me up! When it was time to leave the beach, rather than cleaning the kids off completely at the showers, we decided to have them "wave jump" with Joe and rinse all the sand off. Our nephew got really clean and then came back to the beach where his sister was telling us that she would rather rinse off at the showers. He yelled, "I want to rinse off at the showers too!" and then started rolling in the sand yelling, "Dirty, dirty, dirty!"

All clean and ready to go home!

We all went to The Old Spaghetti Factory for dinner. It was delicious! And after we got back, a few of us played Apples to Apples before going to bed.

Waiting for our table.

What is your favorite beach to visit?