California Day 6 - Relaxing at the Beach

Thursday was a day to rest and relax on our trip. We didn't visit any theme parks, we didn't have any planned activities, and we got to sleep in! It was really nice!

The only thing that we really did was go to the beach for a third time. I think the kids were a little disappointed in me while we were there though because I was tired after three days of going, going, going and I had a book that I needed to start reading for school, so I spent most of my time on a towel reading and enjoying the sun rather than playing this time. Good thing the uncles and Grandpa were willing to play!

Wave jumping with the uncles! This is what we did with them most of the time when we were at the beach. I think the kids could do this for hours and never get bored.

oceanside beach
wave jumping in the ocean

The kids decided, with suggestion from Uncle Joe, that they needed to bury the other uncle. They were really entertained and I think would have buried him up to the top of his head if Joe hadn't told them when to stop. He was good and buried, that's for sure!

download (8)-min.jpg

Trying to escape.

It wasn't as easy as he thought it would be.

What is your favorite beach to visit?