California Day 4 - California Adventures

We woke up Tuesday to this lovely fog! Good thing we didn't plan to go to the beach in the morning ;)

Oceanside Beach in the fog

We left as early as possible to try and get some fast passes for Radiator Springs and get on a lot of different rides before the park got too crowded. We didn't get there as early as we'd planned so the fast passes were too late for the time that we planned on leaving the park. 

We were lucky and got into a fairly fast line for Toy Story Mania. I checked the times on my phone later in the day and the wait was 110 minutes at one point. I still don't understand the hype about this ride though. It is pretty fun, but it's not THAT fun. I guess it is pretty new, maybe that's the deal.

This spud can get annoying.

The boys really wanted to go on California Screamin'. I wasn't quite so thrilled about it, and my mother-in-law didn't even want to try to think about it, so we went on the swings (so fun!) while they stood in line for the rollercoaster. We got done just in time to take pictures before they blasted off!

Blast off faces! My brother-in-law's face looks determined!

My brother-in-law says he wasn't ready for the picture.

We stopped at a Pizza, Pasta and Salad place on Paradise Pier, and it literally had just pizza, pasta, and salad. The food was pretty good though! They even made Mary a gluten free cheese pizza.

There wasn't much time left after the guys hit Tower of Terror and we'd done Soarin' Over California, but we were hot so we decided to go on Grizzly River Run. The wait was long, and a lot of it was in the sun. It felt so good when it was over though! We got thoroughly soaked!

Waiting in line

The view from line.

After the ride.

On our drive home, Joe took the camera and got some photos of his own. He was pretty excited, hyper and proud of himself for some reason. I was just tired.

Did I mention that we were leaving early so that they could watch the debate?! Yep, we planned our day around the debate!! I found that really entertaining. It was nice to get home and relax though. We cooked our frozen pizzas and sat around in front of the TV watching the boxers go at it! I think Joe looked forward to it the most on Tuesday.

After the debates, the others were back from the park, so we took some ice cream down there and ate a treat and watched post debate stuff.

What is your favorite thing to do in California Adventures?