California Day 3 - The Beach Again & Mickey's Halloween Party

Warning: There are A LOT of pictures in this post! But they are great!

We didn't need to leave for the park until early afternoon because we had tickets for Mickey's Halloween Party and it doesn't start until later in the day. So.... we went to the beach for an hour!

Oceanside Beach

High tide and huge waves!

After wave jumping with the kiddos for a bit, Joe and I got some "romance time" in the ocean and my brother-in-law started snapping some pictures for us. I thought he was going to get pictures of the wave jumping earlier, but I was happy with these too!

He wanted to get a surfer in the background!

Joe decided to dig a deep hole with the kids and tried to get them all to stand in it. They LOVED playing with Joe!

Our youngest niece doesn't like the ocean. I was laughing so hard when I carried her out there because I put her down and then grabbed onto her hands so that we could jump the waves and instead she curled her legs up to her body so that she was hanging there. The closer I dropped her to the water, the tighter her legs folded. It was really entertaining!

Her dad made a little pond for her to play in. She loved it! And he kept finding sand crabs that he would hold in his hand and show her. She started begging to hold them (It was SO CUTE!!!) and then she was showing them off!

Time for Disney!!!! We were able to get into the park three hours before our event, so we were there from 3pm to 11:15pm. It was so much fun and oh so tiring!!

Excited for Pixie Hollow!

Ok, so Pixie Hollow was cute and short and a little bit of a letdown to me for some reason, but it was still kind of fun!

As we got off the Matterhorn ride, they were roping the street off for the Main Street parade so we decided to stay there and watch. We had a pretty great view and it was really fun to see some of the floats! I always love a good parade!

They rode the carousel horses through the parade!!

After the parade, we all split up. Joe, his dad, his brother and I went on a few of the bigger rides and had a lot of fun! It was amazing how quickly we were able to walk onto rides like Pirates and Splash Mountain etc. The Halloween Party ticket was definitely worth it!

Our picture from Space Mountain

Funny story about Splash Mountain, my father-in-law sat in the front and within a minute of the ride starting, he was soaked. It was pretty funny. I think he got less wet dropping into the Briar Patch, but he got splashed all throughout the ride. I don't think he was loving that too much!

Splash Mountain

Joe and I tried to take the next picture multiple times. I think because it was dark and the lights on the carousel were weird, it just didn't look fabulous, but we are still cute!

Joe and I on King Arthur's Carousel

Sleeping Beauty's Castle at night

Disneyland at Halloween is AWESOME!! The Haunted Mansion is fun, the whole park gets spooky at night, and you get to go Trick-or-Treating! My sister-in-law was my buddy on this and went through a lot of treat lines with me. Each line had three or four treat stations and they'd give you at least three pieces, most of the time a handful of candy. I was a VERY happy girl!!

My loot!

Have you ever gone trick or treating in Disneyland? What was your favorite part of it?