California Day 1 & 2 - The Boardwalk & The Beach

When we got to Oceanside on Saturday, it was gorgeous!! I was so excited about how pretty it was! Joe kept making fun of me for how enthusiastic I got. My pictures don't do it justice, it's hard to get a picture from a moving car window, on my phone.


The view from our condo balcony

Sunday after we napped, we decided to go down to the beach. I had to go buy better beach clothes afterward because I spent a lot more time in the water than I'd originally planned.

At the beach. Aren't we cute?

Joe built a sand "Zarahemla" and the little kids helped out. Our cute, shy little nephew kept saying, "Amberly, I need your help!" and had me help him pack sand into crab and turtle molds to put some in the "castle" and around it.

Notice how wet my dress got searching for sand dollars?

Our nephew doesn't talk much to me and Saturday night I asked him if he was going to become my friend on our trip and hang out and chat with me and he told me yes, so far he has kept his promise! After we worked in the sand, he followed me out to the ocean and wanted me to follow him back up after we found our first sand dollar and then he asked me to hold his hand and I was SO thrilled! So we held hands and searched for sand dollars until he got really excited about jumping into the waves that came.

For the last half hour on the beach, Joe and I held onto our nephew and niece's hands and let them jump into the waves and kept them from getting knocked over by the massive waves. They are splasher's and we got REALLY wet. It was so much fun, I could do that every day!

This first couple of days, I've seen just how difficult children can be, especially during church when it's their nap time and they are tired and fighting over one toy. But it was a whole lot of fun to giggle and laugh with over something so silly and to hear all of the cute little things that they would say.

What is your favorite thing to do on the beach?