Dating Each Other for Free (or just really cheap)

Joe and I LOVE to go on dates together. We love going out to eat, to the movies or doing other fun, random activities. The only problem is, they all cost money, and we're on a tight budget, trying to save money for a house. I have found a few great things that help us save money while still being able to eat out or do something fun!

I have found a few great things that help us save money while still being able to eat out or do something fun! Now we can save without having to miss out on anything.

Sign up for E-mail Lists

I went through the websites of restaurants that we frequent or that we might enjoy and filled out the quick form that gets me on their mailing list. Not only am I notified of specials that might be going on, but a lot of places will send good coupons regularly. I always have a free appetizer or dessert from Chili's floating around, and right now I have a free Texas blossom from Texas Roadhouse coupon just waiting for me to use at dinner on Monday!

Added Bonus:

During your birthday month, you get a lot of free stuff. I got a free meal at Tony Roma's while we were in California over my birthday ($20 value), a free bowl from Noodles & Company, a free shake from Arby's, and many more.

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Buy a Coupon Book

Husband scoffed at me the first year that I bought one of these, he didn't think it would be worth the $15 I spent, but I proved him wrong. We save money on so many things using the coupons in these books, and most of the time it's a buy one get one free deal. We only paid for one admission to the Tulip Festival, we will get 50% off when we go to a Bee's game this year, there are so many coupons for mini golf, bowling, water parks, skiing, etc. and we've saved oodles of money at a lot of our favorite restaurants.

Added Bonus:

They have coupons for so many places, some that I'd never heard of before, so we discover new favorite places to eat because we have a coupon and it sounds good.

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Use Groupon, Living Social Deals, Amazon Local Deals, etc.

I have found so many restaurants that I frequent or have wanted to try on these deal sites. It's another great place to get 50% off basically on whatever you are going to do. I know a lot of people who buy deals for random activities because it makes for a cheap, different type of date night. There are deals for basically everything, restaurants, museums, concerts, theaters, and even vacation spots.

Added Bonus:

You might discover some hidden gems or fun new places to explore in your area that you may not have known about before.

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These are just a few of my favorite ways to do something fun or different on a date night while not going broke. For a few more ideas, check out this post I found from the The Happy Wives Club this week, it was so perfect to add to this post that I had planned!

What are your favorite ways to have a cheap date?

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