Being Puppy Parents

I haven't posted much about it on the blog ye, but if you are my Facebook friend or follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you are probably well aware that the husband and I became puppy parents a little less than a month ago! It was kind of a spontaneous decision, but one that we don't regret. Husband's cousin had a puppy that didn't have a home yet, but they live out of state, so we jokingly said that we'd love to take him if they lived closer and didn't think much of it. So I got really excited when she messaged me back to tell me that her sister was going to be down in their area the next weekend to pick up her own puppy and if we could convince her to bring him back with her, we could have him! He was the exact breed we've always talked about getting, and everything worked out perfectly!

Puppy Parents

Bringing him home! He was so snuggly!

The Head Tilt

That face and that head tilt just kill me!

A Wet Puppy

He looks so funny after a bath!

Puppy Haircut

His first haircut!

Just a funny side story: Back at the end of December, I found out there was a rumor going around our church that I was pregnant and due in May (obviously not true). The funniest part about it was that there was the due date, it didn't make any sense. Husband jokingly said once, "We will just have to get a puppy in May and tell them that's the child that we were expecting!" Lo and behold, it was May and we were getting a puppy, I thought that was really ironic!

Man's Best Friend

The pup and his best friend! He loves Joe!

Sweet Puppy

I have a really hard time saying no to that face.


He is so intrigued by the fish, he loves to watch them.

Naughty Puppy

Sometimes he is naughty and chews on things he shouldn't.

Card Playing
Pine Cones

Pine cones are his favorite things ever.


His friend Miss Piggy, he loves her!

We have loved having Howie around, he has definitely brought adventure to our lives! He is the sweetest most loving puppy ever and he's so adorable that impossible hard not to love him. At the same time, he's really playful and has A LOT of energy, sometimes when we'd rather he be calm. Training him has been a challenge, but we love to see his successes and he seems to finally be catching on. It's been fun to watch him become more adventurous and not so scared and attached to us all the time. Anyone we meet while we're with him is instantly in love with him and he gets a lot of attention from random strangers. He loves making new friends, especially with dogs that are a lot bigger than him, and my sister's cat who thinks he's annoying and way too energetic for her laid back cat self.

Belly Rubs

He absolutely loves belly rubs!

Dog & Cat

Meeting my sister's cat!

Doggy Friends

Meeting our friend's dogs! He loves friends.


The cousins give him endless attention, he loves it!

Hiding Place

Always finding new places to explore

My favorite things about Mr. Howard:

  • When we get home, he is so excited to see us and gives us a lot of kisses the second we pick him up. 
  • He has a squeaky pig that is his best pal. He sleeps with it, chases it, and shakes it around like crazy.
  • His bed is his favorite toy. He'll flip it upside down and either drag it around the room or climb underneath and run around using it like a turtle shell. It's so funny and too cute!
  • As soon as he sees that we are awake, he comes to greet us by stretching his front paws to touch or face or our arm. It's really adorable, but it hurts because he doesn't realize that his nails scratch.
  • Finding a pine cone or a stick makes him so proud and excited, he can't wait to get them back to the apartment.
  • He does this cute little head tilt and I can't get enough of it!
  • Frozen carrots are his favorite treat to chew on. Any time I get into the freezer, even if he already has one that he's playing with, he'll come over and sit by my feet hoping that I'll drop one on the floor for him.
  • Puppy snuggles are my favorite, he sleeps like a baby in my arms or he'll curl up next to us in a ball.
  • He loves to have his belly rubbed, he'll roll over on this back and bat at our hand until we get the message. It's kind of the cutest thing in the world.
  • Sometimes on walks, he puts his little leash in his mouth, holds his head up high and proud and walks himself. It's the funniest thing to see!
  • He is the worst sleeper, he can never get comfortable and always changes to the weirdest positions, but once again, they are so adorable!

A rare sleep in his bed.

Car Sleeping

Seriously the best car sleeper ever!

Worn Out
Sleeping Baby

My favorite, sleeping like a baby

Laundry Sleeper

He loves to curl up on the laundry that I'm putting away.

Cat Nap

His favorite, most random sleep position ever, I don't understand it!

And I will leave you with our most entertaining video of Howie (I have like ten). We bought this bell to try and train him to ring it when he needs to go out, but um... obviously that's not going to work so well. It is currently tied up so that he can't reach it, and we try to ring it every time we take him out. I don't think it will work out like we want it to, but he sure loves to play with it on the rare occasions when it's dangling within his grasp!

What do you think is the hardest part about being a doggie parent?