4 Date Ideas for the Back to School Season

The school district we live in has their first day back to school today! How is summer already over? Our kiddos don't start preschool for a few more weeks, so we get to enjoy summer just a little bit longer. And our back-to-school routine won't have quite the impact on our family and our routine as those of you who have older kids. I've seen many parents express on social media that it's a bittersweet feeling sending their kiddos back to school. Most moms are excited to get back to their regular routine, but many parents are going to miss the late nights, summer fun, and unlimited time together.

As school starts and you get back into your routines, I want to challenge you to get back into your date night routine as well! Here are a few ideas of dates to plan over the next week or two just for the occasion.

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Date Night Ideas for Back to School

A Family Date

Plan one last big hoorah! Cross one last thing off your summer bucket list, revisit one of your favorite activities from this summer or check out something new in the area. Make it an adventure and enjoy your time as a family. Stay out late, sleep in early and have fun!

One-on-one Kid Dates

I've seen a lot of parents doing this through posts on social media and it's something that we're trying to incorporate in our family monthly for this school year. Plan for some one-on-one time for each kid with mom or dad or both. I've seen parents take their kids to dinner at their choice of restaurant, get back to school shopping done, or even just grabbing a treat. You could also plan a special activity that you know your kid loves but rarely gets to do. Or you could let them choose to do anything that they want with one or both of you. Make sure you plan time with all of the kids and let them know when their date night is so that nobody feels left out.

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The Kids Are Off to School Date

A fun idea that I've seen people do in the past is to spend the morning of the first day of school together. They put together a big breakfast for the kids, make getting to school a family affair and then the parents sneak off for a breakfast date or a fun activity. I’ve also heard of a lot of moms planning a date with themselves on their first morning of silence. Grab breakfast or lunch and read a book while you relax and eat quietly at home or the restaurant. Schedule a pedicure, manicure, hair appointment or other pampering activity. Plan something to treat yourself for making it through another summer and back to your routine!

Lunch Dates with Your Spouse

One advantage to not having the kids around all day every day is that your schedule is a bit more free. My husband and I love to meet up on our lunch break at least once or twice a month. I usually head his direction since my work schedule is more flexible and sometimes I'll even order our food before he gets there so that we have more time to talk. It's a short date, but I always treasure the time that we have together. Make this a habit or tradition at least once a month throughout the school year and take advantage of time when you don’t have to hire a babysitter for the kids.

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No matter how you decide to celebrate back to school, don’t forget to add date night back into your weekly routine! I know that summer fun and adventures can take over and date night tends to fall by the wayside amidst family time. Now is the chance to get back to your regularly scheduled date nights! Don’t put it off until next season, do it now, so that you can get back into the habit and make your marriage a priority as homework and extracurricular activities start up again.

P.S. If one of you are the ones heading back to school, don’t forget to schedule that quality time together without textbooks, your computer and homework!

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How will you be celebrating back to school on your own, with your spouse, with the kids and as a family?

Back to school date night ideas for parents