Baby #2 Pregnancy Update - Hospital Bed Rest

This post was going to be an update about how I'd been put on modified bed rest, what baby girl's room looks like right now and a few other things. Instead, I'm writing this post from a hospital bed, where I'm on total bed rest for anywhere from the next day or two to a couple of weeks. My doctor put me on modified bed rest at my appointment on Wednesday morning because I told her that I'd been contracting and feeling really uncomfortable. Then she checked me and discovered that I was dilated to a three and 90% effaced. I limited my walking and made arrangements for Bensen on my days off so that I wouldn't be chasing him around or picking him up a lot. Then after a lunch meeting yesterday at work, my water broke and I had to head to the hospital. It was a lot of chaos and not the type of adventure that I was looking for, but after checking in, Joe gave me a priesthood blessing and we heard Baby Girl's heartbeat and the doctors and nurses all worked together to formulate the best plan for my situation and I feel really calm about the whole thing.

hospital bed rest

We would love to keep her in until 34 weeks (2 more), but the ultimate goal is to make it to Saturday so that the steroids have their chance to help her lungs develop more. Unfortunately, my contractions have been getting consistently stronger, so we may not make it that far. Until then, Joe and I are hanging out, should be brainstorming baby names (since we don't even have a list pf names we're considering) and I will be working remotely because I'm nowhere near ready for this baby to come on the work front and want to make this as unchaotic as possible for my coworkers. Eventually I'll try to sleep, but that's difficult when you're contracting every five to ten minutes and you're on a clear fluid diet so your tummy is experiencing hunger pains.

32 weeks gestation

My mom brought Bensen to visit me tonight, and it made my day because he was still asleep when I left for work this morning so I hadn't gotten to see him. He was unsure at first, but quickly became interested in all of the buttons and was rocking out to the sound of his baby sister's heartbeat on the monitor (he loves a good rhythm). After he realized that he couldn't get down and explore or play with anything in my room, he got bored and started telling us "buh-bye". Joe and I had to demonstrate the new cute thing that he does before he left. When Joe and I kiss goodbye in the morning, he's usually in one of our arms. He's recently taken up to giggling after we kiss and making kissing noises of his own. I feel like he may be mocking us, but that's ok!

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers and watch Instagram for updates. I'll probably have some more content next week because I need something to keep me occupied while I'm on bed rest and writing posts is a lot more fun than working!