At Home Winter Date Ideas to Keep Your Love Warm

I'm a warm weather girl. I enjoy the occasional cold and stormy day, but winter is not my favorite. It's dark way too early and the gorgeous and sunny days are usually the most frigid. When Joe and I first started dating, he'd just gotten home from spending two years in Cancun, where low 70's is considered "cold", so coming back to Utah where we get down to single digits in the winter was rough on him. Needless to say, we don't spend a lot of time outdoors in the winter, it's just not our thing. For those of you who are in the same boat as us when it comes to winter and cold temperatures, I hope you'll have fun and enjoy winter with these indoor date night ideas!

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Winter Date Ideas

Winter Date Night Ideas

Power Outage Date

One of my favorite memories from our marriage was during a power outage. We curled up in our bed, under piles of blankets and watched Elf on the laptop while we charged our phones on the same laptop. I love this date night idea from The Dating Divas, and plan to use it sometime this winter. I think these DIY S'more Pots from Elisabeth McKnight would be fun inside as well, just be aware of what type of surface you're putting them on and make sure the area is well ventilated.

A couple of months ago, I shared this fun idea for a cold weather date night. Turn this into an at home date night by grabbing a few different flavors of your favorite hot chocolate (this is ours) or a big can of milk chocolate and a few different flavors of syrup. Get flavors that you know you'll love as well as a few flavors that you've never tried before.

Tip: Avoid getting burnt out on hot chocolate or drifting off to sleep after you've consumed too many cups. Only make half a serving of each flavor and split that in two. At the end of the night, each of you will only have had one or two cups total.

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Play Board Games, Card Games or Build a Puzzle

Nothing is better than a game night. We love having people over for a game of Play Nine. If you're feeling really confident, break out the Monopoly and play for who has to do chores or something that you both dread doing. Check out this list of 40 two-player games from Freshly Married!

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Have an Indoor Campout

Pull out your air mattress and sleeping bags, and if you're feeling ambitious, set up the tent in your living room. Eat food that you would cook if you were up in the mountains, roast s'mores (see my ideas for that above), play card games and snuggle up together in your tent. Check out this post for more ideas for an indoor camp out.

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Host a Murder Mystery Dinner

Because we have a little preemie at home this winter, we aren't able to do a lot of socializing with our friends but we love a good group date when we are able to get together with more people. This Murder Mystery Group Date Kit makes hosting a fun group date this winter a lot of fun and REALLY easy for you. This could become a great tradition and the perfect way to liven up the dreary winter after the holidays are over every year.

Popcorn and a Movie Date Night

Sometimes I really just love a relaxed movie night. Cuddling up under a blanket, sharing a snack and watching something that we both love. Check out this post for a list of movies that you'll both enjoy. If you're looking for something different than your regular bag of buttery popcorn, Bethany shared three gourmet paper bag popcorn recipes in this Date Night in the Kitchen post. Or you could put together a fun popcorn bar like this one.

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Maybe one day we'll discover some winter hobbies that we love (share some if you think we might love them), but until then, we'll stay inside where it's warm and enjoy these activities together for date night!

What are your favorite at home winter date nights?

At home winter date nights to keep you warm this season.