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Have a romantic Valentine dinner at home.

This year will be mine and Joe's fifth Valentine's Day together and out of the four we've celebrated together so far, we only went out to a restaurant on the actual holiday our first year together. With Valentine's Day falling on a Saturday this year, any sort of place you'd think to go celebrate is sure to be crazy busy! Joe is in charge of our Valentine's plans this year, so I'm not sure what we're doing, but I tested out a great menu option  that would be perfect for a great dinner date at home if you're in charge of planning for the big day this year and don't want to venture out with the rest of the world to spend time with the one you love.

Bonus: Me testing out this menu for you helped me out with my marriage goal for the month! More on that at the end of this post.

Step 1 - Set the Mood

If you want your dinner to feel more special than a normal night at home together, create a more romantic atmosphere than you would usually. You could use fancier dishes, light a few candles and dim the lights, use cloth napkins instead of paper, or even set your table up in a different area of the house (i.e. eat in the dining room instead of the kitchen).

Romantic dinner setting

Step 2 - Plan Your Meal

Pick something that both of you will love and that is out of the ordinary and more detailed than you might make for an every night at home dinner. You could also incorporate foods that your know your spouse will love and/or might not get to eat very often. My husband is a meat and potatoes kind of guy and since those aren't the type of meals that I usually make I put together something that I knew he would really love but that didn't take all day for me to put together.

Husband approved romantic dinner

Orange Glazed Pork Chops//Garlic Parmesan Roasted Broccoli// Rhodes Rolls

You can find more romantic meal ideas for your night at home using the links below!

8 Romantic Valentine's Day Meals at Home

A Romantic Night in France by Camille from Friday We're in Love

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A Manly Valentine's Meal by Amberly from A Prioritized Marriage

Step 3 - Post Dinner Entertainment

When you eat dinner at home, it's easy to fall into your every night routine, ruining the special feel of your evening together. Set the dirty dishes aside for the night and spend time playing a game, talking together, slow dancing in the living room or doing something else that you'd both enjoy.

After dinner entertainment

Play Nine Card Game

Step 4 - Don't Forget Dessert

End your evening at home with something sweet and delicious! Again, make it something different than you would have on a regular basis. I always think Ramekins make perfect, fancy little desserts.

Check out this post for some great Ramekin dessert ideas

Personal F'zhookie

Snickers Deep Dish Cookie Pie

Step 5 - Enjoy the Time Together

Before, during and after your dinner date, keep your focus on each other and make your night a special one! Don't forget that you're celebrating the love you share and make it a Valentine's to remember!

My goal for this month is to be more intentional with meal time not only having more meals together, around the kitchen table but also being intentional with my meal planning and putting effort into our dinners every night instead of resorting to something that I bought in the freezer section at the grocery store or whatever takes the least amount of effort. I have some specific goals with being intentional in my thoughts for Joe, making baked potatoes, adding a side dish to our meals, and making some of his favorite foods.

This weekend we invited our parents over for a triple date and had the fun night that you see pictured above. It wasn't too difficult to plan, I had a lot of fun putting the meal together, it was really delicious and I'm off to a great start with my goal this month!

What fun plans do you have for Valentine's this year? Will you be having a date night at home using any of the meals that I linked to above?

What goals do you have for your marriage/relationship this month? Link up and share them with us below!!

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