What We Look for in Our Romantic Getaway Accommodations

We’ve gone on a lot of romantic overnight getaways over the years and we always return to Anniversary Inn. I tell everyone that it’s our favorite and that they should stay there at least once because I know that once they’ve stayed there for a night, they’ll love it as much as we do. There are other romantic getaway locations we like but none of them hit everything on our checklist the way that Anniversary Inn does. Their mission is to provide couples with the perfect place to make their relationship a priority and rekindle the romance and we think that they’ve achieved that and continue to raise the bar with everything they do.

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Amenities we Look for on a Romantic Getaway

Breakfast in bed

Probably the top reason why we choose to stay at The Anniversary Inn time and time again is their breakfast and the fact that they deliver it straight to your door in the morning. We love being able to roll out of bed and enjoy a warm meal together without getting ready for the day first or having to make it ourselves.
We've stayed in romantic getaway locations before where there are baskets of muffins and other things in your room when you arrive, already prepared for you to enjoy in the morning. Other places we've stayed offer room service, but they always insist on bringing it into your room, so you feel like you have to be awake and dressed when they arrive. And other B&B type locations will provide a hot, delicious breakfast, but you have to be dressed and join other guests in the dining area to eat it.
We really love the variety of main dishes that The Anniversary Inn offers, and have seen them change things up over time, offering more variety and delicious options. They knock and leave your breakfast on a tray outside your room, at the time that you requested when you checked in the night before. When you've finished eating, you put the tray back outside your door and they'll pick it up.
The way that Anniversary Inn does breakfast adds to the intimate getaway experience perfectly and will forever be one of our top reasons for escaping there.

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Large jetted tubs

The second reason we love The Anniversary Inn so much are the large jetted tubs in every room. And located near each tub is a flat-screen, so you can watch a movie while you soak. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
When we bought our house and finished the basement, one of our top priorities was a deep soaking tub and soon after we purchased a small TV that we could put in the bathroom to watch Netflix on. It's like they designed the layout of each room to cater to one of our favorite things.
P.S. You can purchase bath bombs and other bath accessories in the small gift shop next to the lobby, in case you forget to bring your own from home.

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The variety of room themes

Would it be weird if I told you that we have an Anniversary Inn bucket list for rooms that we want to stay in? Because we do…. I feel like there is a room theme for everyone and every budget. We’ve enjoyed every room that we’ve stayed in, whether they were a diamond, emerald or ruby. There have been a couple of rooms that we felt had room for improvement, but those rooms have since been updated and added back to our bucket list for us to try out again. We definitely have favorites, and a couple that we’ve stayed in more than once or plan to stay in again, but we also want to make sure we get to experience the variety that each inn has to offer.

All of the extras

When you make your reservation, you’ll notice that there are so many extras and fun packages that you can add to your stay. Date night packages that include early check in and a snack pack to enjoy while you watch a movie, couples massages, late check out, extra breakfast, romance packages with candles and massage oils and rose petals and bath bombs, etc. Depending on the location, there are even packages you can get that include gift certificates for local date night restaurants and activities.

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Getting to sleep in

Some of our favorite rooms have been in a renovated apartment building at the Logan location. The rooms face East and all of the windows have been covered as part of the decor so the room is pitch black unless you turn lights on. We’re always surprised by how late we can sleep when we’re in a cozy bed, the room is the perfect temperature, there are no kids to wake up to and the sun never breaks through the window in the morning.

Saving money on our stay

We’ve discovered a few different money saving tips over the years that help us get away for the night without feeling like we’re splurging. On one of our recent stays, we were able to save just under $150 by using the tips mentioned in this blog post and received $10 that we can put toward a future stay when we checked out.

The atmosphere

What really keeps us coming back to Anniversary Inn, time and time again, is the way that each room is comfortable, homey and feels like so much more than a hotel. We are able to take a break from our busy lives and just relax together. Sometimes we venture out to explore and eat at some of our favorite restaurants in the area. Other times we come to seclude ourselves, watch movies together, talk, sleep in and leave feeling rejuvenated.

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If you've never given The Anniversary Inn a try, you really should. I know some people are hesitant because they worry the rooms will be cheesy, but they are far from it. Each one is classy and well put together, down to the details in the knick knacks. You can also take a tour of the properties and some of the different rooms before you book a stay so you know exactly what you’re going into and which rooms fit your personalities best.

Hint: You could make a date afternoon out of touring one of their locations, then sit down for an early dinner and make a list of the rooms that you want to stay in. The next time one of you is planning a romantic getaway for your anniversary, a birthday, Valentine’s day or just because, you’ll know exactly which room to surprise your spouse with.