A Real Live Date Night

Joe and I like to go on dates, even if they may not be very creative or unique, we enjoy them. Lately our dates have turned into just dinner, and that's mostly when I'm too tired to cook and we hardly talk to each other because we're so tired, or watching one of our favorite TV shows while I play on my computer or do homework and Joe crashes on the other couch because it's not comfortable for both of us to relax on one couch together. I've started to feel like our dates are getting lame and aren't really marriage strengthening like they should be. Date night has started to turn into more of a "we're lazy and don't want to cook/talk to each other/do anything but lay on the couch tonight" night. So on Saturday, I text Joe and said, "Wanna have a real life date tonight? And pay nothing? We can do Salt City and buy a gift for Amy's shower, get a free Redbox and snuggle while we watch a movie." Joe replied with, "Sounds hot." and the date was on!

Salt City Burger is one of our very favorite places to eat out! In December, the Bountiful location closed for a while because they were changing it from a normal restaurant setting to counter service. They just reopened recently and I have been craving a good burger! We had a gift card and a buy one get one free coupon, and I decided that I just couldn't resist. It's a bit different now with the new setup, but it didn't take us as long to get our food and it feels like a good different. I think that they are using new buns and the burgers are a little bit smaller, but it is still yummy!

Joe favorite burger is the Smokehouse Bacon Burger with pepper jack cheese on top and then he usually puts ranch and barbecue sauce and some other burger toppings on it. I like the Hawaiian Special burger, but my most favorite thing to order, which may seem really weird, is a normal burger with provolone cheese, caramelized onions and fry sauce on it. It sounds like a strange combination, but it is SO delicious and I could sit and eat it all day long! You can't forget the sweet potato fries, those are so yummy as well!

There was a little mixup with our food on Saturday because Joe ordered provolone on his burger this time so they both looked the same, and they put the caramelized onion cup on the wrong tray so when they brought it out, I ended up with his bacon burger and he got my regular one. We didn't realize it until we'd already put all of our toppings on the burger, and Joe was a little bummed that he didn't get his bacon. It was still good, just not exactly what we were craving or used to!

Salt City Burger Co.

Waiting for our food.

During dinner, we browsed the Redbox options on our phone and Joe suggested that we watch the newest Sherlock Holmes movie, "It has your boyfriend in it." and I agreed, not just because of Robert Downey Jr. I had a free rental code so we picked the movie up on our way home.

One problem that we have when we watch movies together is that we can't really cuddle comfortably on the couch in our front room and we don't have a DVD player in our bedroom. We tried hooking up the portable DVD player to the TV in the bedroom, but it was having issues so instead we pulled out all of our blankets and make a "bed" on the floor to watch our movie. It was really fun, and the movie was great!

Movie Night

Our makeshift bed/couch

Movie Night

Crappy phone picture in the dark!

I'd say it was a successful date night, and I plan to have many more like it this year!

What are your go to places to eat together?