A New Adventure for Our Little Family

Change is constant, and although the last 10 years of my life have been filled with a lot of it, I feel like Joe and I have made some extremely impactful changes to our lives just in this last year. Purchasing our first home, having our first child, and now this, a job change for Joe! For as long as I've known Joe, he's worked at Target and run his own a lawn care business. The late hours, unpleasant holiday schedule, long commutes and potentially unsafe situations that he's dealt with for the five years that I've known him, and even before that, have been wearing on him and our growing little family. This change seemed scary a week and a half ago when we decided to go for it because we're not ones for a lot of big change in our life, but we're really excited about it and can't wait to see what comes from this new adventure!

Normal Work Hours

I'm not going to lie, the biggest benefit of this job in my eyes will be the hours. Since Bensen was born, Joe has been getting home at 9:00 every night and although his weekend shifts were earlier, he still wasn't home until 7:00 most nights. The holiday season was the worst. He had to work Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve at hours when he should have been with family. Every year the hours got worse and we've been dreading 4th quarter and Black Friday.

I won't have to deal with Joe having to leave Thanksgiving festivities earlier and earlier every year to referee the crazies who aren't content with shopping on Black Friday  and I won't have to spend that entire weekend alone because Joe works late into the night and sleeps all day. No more Christmas Eve's spent on my own with family and then taking him dinner on a plate so that I can hang out with him while he eats in the food court and watches an empty store, then leave and hang out at home by myself until 10pm. 

More Time With Us

I know this is implied with his normal work hours, but it's the thing I'm most excited about, so I felt like it deserved a mention of its own! The exact hours that he'll be working are still unknown but we do know that we'll be home around the same time as each other every day and we'll possibly have weekends together. I'm excited for more mealtime together, earlier date nights, family walks, new holiday traditions. I honestly don't know what I'm going to do with my husband home so early on a regular basis, it's something that I've never experienced in the five years that I've known him. But being a quality time love languages girl, I'm pretty sure it is going to be great!

More Time for Mow Joe

During mowing season, Joe will still work until 8 or 9 at night, so we won't see him as much, but he'll be his own boss during those hours and will have the flexibility to be home with our family if he wants to. Mow Joe has grown a lot this season, and we have big dreams for it, but in order for those to happen, Joe needs to be able to put more of his own time into the business. Not only will his new job hours be convenient for that, but his new boss is supportive of his entrepreneurial endeavors, and even hires Mow Joe for lawn care at his business. This job is the perfect opportunity for Joe's future in all areas of his career.

Joe's new job starts next week, so he has the rest of this week off. We're excited to get some work done on our own yard and spend a few days together before we shift into our new schedule. There are so many pros to this job change, but if you can't tell, I'm just really excited to see my husband more often and have more time to work on our relationship.