30 in my 30's Bucket List

A few years ago I started a 30 by 30 bucket list, with so many other 20 somethings out there, but I never finished compiling mine and consequently, never completed it either. Over the last year, as I’ve been working on becoming a better version of myself, I decided I wanted to accomplish some things that I’ve always talked about doing but haven’t ever done. I created this bucket list of 30 things that I want to do in my 30’s. To me, having 10 years to complete everything seemed less overwhelming and it allowed me to dream a bit bigger but still reach for the low hanging fruit that I know I’ll enjoy as well. I had a lot of fun coming up with this list and I know I will have even more fun crossing things off of it.

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Spiritual Growth

Finish the Book of Mormon - I started reading The Book of Mormon this past week with a goal of reading it all the way through before the end of 2018. I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that this will be my first time reading the complete book.

Play and sing every verse of every song in the hymn book - Earlier this year I set a goal for myself, to play and sing my way through our church's hymn book. I feel the spirit the strongest when I am singing or listening to spiritual songs. This goal has been strengthening my musical skills and testimony at the same time. I'm not too far into the book, but I sit down each Sunday and sing through five or ten hymns. Our church is in the process of compiling a new hymn book. I'm not sure when this book will be released, but as soon as it is, I plan to play through it like I'm doing with the current one. A lot of the songs will be the same, but I don't mind.

Read the Doctrine and Covenants - This is my favorite book of scripture and I don't think that I've ever read it all the way through and if I have, it's been years so I should do it again.

Do an endowment session at every temple in Utah - There are currently 17 operating temples in Utah with two more that have been announced. By the time I turn 40, I want to have visited and done an endowment session in all of the currently operating ones. After that point, I hope to make a visit to the new ones as they open.

Personal Development

Run a 5k - It’s almost embarrassing how many years I have set this goal and not accomplished it now. But it’s still a goal I have and something that I hope to do. The bigger part of this goal is that I want to run the entire way and I am not a long distance runner so it will take some work to get there.

Learn how to braid well (basic, French, fish, etc.) - Confession, I have my cosmetology license but I can’t braid to save my life. I can do a basic braid but not well, and forget about the French braid. I’ve done one successful French braid to pass it off on a worksheet during school and it took me an hour of trying and then I promptly forgot. We have a niece with hair down to her butt and she has gladly agreed to be my practice for all kinds of braids so I can master them and do them on my own Emmy’s hair.

Learn quick hairstyles and up-dos for my own hair - Why is it so much harder to do your own hair than it is to do someone else’s? It took me a lot time to master round brushing my hair gracefully but I could do it on anyone else’s hair without a problem.

Run a Disney Princess Half Marathon and/or 10k at Disneyworld - This just sounds fun! I only wish that they would bring the races back to Disneyland so it’s closer and a bit more affordable for me.

Start taking voice lessons again - Every day I miss taking voice lessons. I sit down and sing a few times a week, but I miss that lesson time and the confidence I gain each time I perform in group lessons or recitals.

Home and Family Life

Attend a Simply on Purpose workshop - If you don’t follow Simple on Purpose on Instagram (@simplyonpurpose), you are missing out! Ralphie has a lot of knowledge and compassion and patience and it shines through her Instagram stories as she shares and teaches other parents how to be more positive and improve on the great things that they’re already doing. I’m excited that she’s coming to our town this week so I can meet and learn from her in person.

Make our current house more of a home - I’ve been putting off decorating rooms in our house, waiting for specific projects to be finished and I don’t want to wait anymore. I love the rooms in our house that we’ve decorated and made our own. They’re the ones that I smile when I walk into, where I feel the most at home and where I like to stay. I want to work actively on making all of the rooms in our house feel like the ones that I love.

Spend a week exploring Cancun with Joe - We have talked about going to Cancun ever since we got married, but every year we choose to be more responsible with our money. Next year for our birthdays, we’re going to Mexico for a week of fun!

Attend a Gottman marriage conference - John Gottman and his wife are the leading researchers in love and relationship and I have always wanted to attend one of their relationship conferences. If we could go to an official Gottman conference, that would be amazing, but I’d be happy attending one put on by Gottman certified educators or therapists as well.

Introduce my kids to Harry Potter - I have the illustrated books and I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to start reading them!

Plan for, find property and work towards build our forever home - We talk about our forever home often. Where we want it to be, the layout that we want, what features are most important to us. It might not be reality by the time I turn 40, but I’d love to be close and have some solid plans in place.

Education and Career

Become a fully certified Family Life Educator - I am provisionally certified and on the path to work the 3500 hours in the field required to become fully certified.

Plan and host a regular educational date night event for couples - This is something I’ve been dreaming up for the last couple of years and I hope to make it happen soon!

Get my Master’s degree - I don’t have solid plans for what I want to get my degree in or which school I want to go to, but this is something that I consider doing every so often. The timing hasn’t felt quite right yet, but I’m keeping it on my radar.

Get a job teaching relationship education in the community - I love what I do now, but my true passion lies in relationship education. I love getting couples and individuals excited about making their relationship better, no matter where they’re at in life and providing them with the tools to do the work.

Become a Gottman Certified Educator - This feels like a big goal to me but I would love nothing more than to become a Gottman Educator and teach workshops of my own, teaching those relationship strengthening skills to other couples.

Plan and host a marriage retreat - I don’t even know what this looks like right now, but I know that I want to do it, so it’s on my list.

Arts and Culture

See a show at Tuacahn - This is a theater in St. George and I’ve always wanted to attend a show but for some reason, I never have.

Finish reading books by my favorite authors - I have been making myself a separate list of the books that I remember loving when I was a teenager and young adult. Now that I’m making more time for reading, I want to read my way through all of those series that I used to love and discover some new favorites as well.

Become a season ticket holder at CenterPoint Legacy Theatre again - I miss the familiarity of going to see a show every few months. CenterPoint has always been one of my favorite places to go, and I miss the old Rodger’s Memorial Theatre. I want to go back to knowing that I’ll get to see all of the shows each season rather than just choosing the one or two that I want to see the most.

See a favorite musical at the Eccles Theater - Every time I someone posts about attending a show at the Eccles, I’m a little jealous. I’ve even put tickets to a few shows I love into my cart but never hit purchased. It feels like a big splurge, but it’s something that I’m going to do at least once, but hopefully a handful of times or more in the next ten years.

Travel and Adventure

Take the kids to Disneyland/California Adventures, Seaworld and the San Diego Zoo - I would love to make this trip two or three times with our kids, in different stages of their childhood. I’m so antsy to take them now, while they’re toddlers and everything is extra magical. And then again a couple more times as they get a little older and enjoy different things about the parks.

Take a trip up the California/Oregon coast. (San Diego, Oceanside, Disneyland, San Francisco, Oregon and maybe up to Seattle) - I can’t decide if I want to make this trip as a family, or just a the two of us.

Visit Harry Potter World in Florida - I want to visit Disneyworld and the Florida beaches again, but my ultimate goal the next time I go to Florida is to immerse myself in the world of Harry Potter.

Three week tour of Europe (Italy and Germany for sure) - This is my ultimate dream vacation and something that might be the perfect 40th birthday celebration and a great way to end my 30’s.

There are a lot of other little (and big) things that I hope to accomplish in my 30’s. Some are more personal than I wanted to share here on the blog and others I probably don’t even realize I have a desire to do yet. My 20’s were filled with a lot of self discovery, accomplishments, changes, struggles and heartache but I feel like I ended strong. I know that my 30’s will be filled with a lot of the same feelings through all of the new things that I will experience. If I had to pick a word that I want to help me through whatever the next 10 years brings my way, it would be THRIVE.

I’m determined to thrive in my 30’s and be a better version of myself every single day. On the hard days, I want to be a better version of myself than I was on the last hard day that I had. I want to be confident and optimistic and caring and youthful. My hope in putting together this bucket list is to help me do just that, and to thrive!

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30 things that I want to accomplish in the next decade of my life.