28 Days to a More Prioritized Marriage - February Marriage Challenge

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I have been to publish this post and get the first ever A Prioritized Marriage monthly challenge going!! With every detail that I added to this challenge, I got more and more excited to share it with all of you! This post is going to be quick and simple; I'll share the purpose of the challenge and why I created it, I'll give you the link to download your calendar and I'll give you a few tips to help you make the most of this challenge throughout the month. And here's the thing, if February isn't a great month for you to commit to this, although it's a really simple challenge, you can pin this and do it later, when you are ready to focus on your marriage and your spouse. Alright, let's get to it!

marriage challenge

Every year in the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day, I start to hear talk among the men that I work with and other people in my life. And every single year I hear a similar opinion circulating, 'Why do we need a special day for love, shouldn't we be showing our spouse love all year round?' And while I love any excuse to splurge a little and focus completely on my marriage relationship, I hear what everyone is saying and I completely agree, which is why I created this challenge! I wanted to encourage you to intentionally share your love with your spouse every single day of the year. And I wanted you to see how simple it can be.

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Each day during the month of February, you will complete the challenge listed on the calendar download (link below). At the end of the challenge you can choose a few of the challenges that you felt made the biggest difference for your marriage or that you loved the most and that you can continue for the rest of the year. Let me tell you a little secret... what works now may not work five years from now, or next year or even next week. The things that your marriage needs will change depending on your current situation. What my marriage and my husband needed two months ago when he was working 60-70 hours a week is different than what we need this week or 15 years from now when our kids are teenagers or even further down the road when we've retired. So hold onto this calendar, complete the challenge again next year or refer to it when you need some new ideas and can't remember what we did.

A Prioritized Marriage February Challenge

Print the Calendar

I've chosen to put a hard copy of the calendar inside my planner, folded up where I'll see it and each day. You might choose to print yours and hang it on the fridge or your bathroom mirror. You might also choose to hide it in your nightstand or with your secret candy stash in the pantry. The goal is to have a hard copy of your calendar somewhere you can refer to it daily and remember what you've got coming up.

Save the PDF

The challenges with the blue text have links attached and you'll want to be able to access those throughout the month! I've linked some challenges to posts on my site or other resources that give you more information and tips to make the most of that day's challenge. For example, day three's challenge is to share a long hug. If you click on that text, you'll be taken to our post on why your spouse needs at least eight meaningful touches a day. One thing you should know, especially if you will be shifting a few of the challenges to fit your lifestyle, is that a few of the links are to posts that are not live yet but will be on the day of or a few days before that challenge is listed. If a link takes you to the 404 page on my site, come back and it will be there.

Watch Our Instagram Stories

Each day on Instagram stories, I will share more information about the day's challenge along with a few variations and ideas for different situations in life. I will also share what I'm doing on that day to apply the challenge to my own marriage. All of the stories about the challenge will live in the saved stories on my profile so you can go back and watch them for future ideas or if you aren't following along this month and choose to do the challenge at a later day. 

Do What Works for You

If one of the challenges doesn't work for you on the day that I've assigned it to, please feel free to swap it with another challenge or choose another way to prioritize your marriage. If you and your spouse are currently long-distance, find a way to make these challenges work for your situation (I'll share some ideas on Instagram each day). If you have young children, work around their schedule but still make time for your marriage on a daily basis. You do you while working to be intentional with your relationship.

Pick Habits to Continue Your Entire Life

When the month has ended, look back on the challenges that you did and find what worked really well. Maybe you both liked going on a walk together and talking on day 11 so you make a daily walk together part of your routine. But maybe you aren't able to get out on a walk every day, so instead you dance at home and talk or sit on the couch and cuddle while you talk. Like I said earlier, my goal with this challenge is to give you ideas that you can implement to make each other and your marriage a priority for the rest of your lives.

marriage challenge

I'm really excited for you to start this challenge on Thursday and I can't wait to hear how it goes for you!! Please tag me in your social media posts or send me a DM or e-mail to let me know how it's going and which challenges resonated the most with you.

Please use #prioritizedmarriagechallenge when sharing your experiences with this challenge on social media. I want to be able to easily find your posts and interact with you, plus there may be a fun giveaway at the end for those people who have participated throughout the month!

A 28 day challenge that will provide you with ideas to help you make your spouse and your marriage a priority every single day.