2 Essentials for a Diaper Changing Station in the Master Bedroom

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Bensen has been sleeping in his own room for about two weeks now. This past week, Joe put the pack and play away and I feel like we're finally getting our master bedroom sanctuary back. The only baby items left in our room are part of our diaper changing station. Yes, we have a changing station in our bedroom. One of the greatest pieces of baby advice given to us was to have a changing station in each of the areas of our house where we spent a lot of time. The master bedroom is where the majority of our diaper changes take place, so there will probably be a changing station in there until we're done having kids. Because our room is also where we are trying to create an atmosphere of comfort and intimacy for our marriage, it's important that we don't let Bensen and all of his accessories over take that area of the house. I've found that two things specifically have been key to creating that atmosphere and making sure that our space stays ours, even with children around.

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Diaper changing station essentials

Diaper Changing Station Essentials

A Good Changing Pad

My mom made two changing pads for us and they are one of my favorite things in the world! One matches Bensen's room and the other one matches ours. She folded a thick towel in half, filled it with a little bit of stuffing, sewed it shut and tied one side of it. It looks cute and does its job effectively. The last thing we want while changing the baby on our bed is a mess everywhere. When it's not in use, we fold the towel in half and it sits at the end of our bed. It's convenient and doesn't take away from the feel of our room or make it feel like a nursery, plus it's one of Bensen's favorite places to hang out. We have lots of bonding moments with the little guy post diaper changes.

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The Diaper Genie

With a puppy who gets into everything, the necessity of a Diaper Genie® was obvious to us long before Bensen arrived. But in the past three months, I've realized that having a Diaper Genie® in the master bedroom is more for our benefit than the benefit of our puppy. Its simple design and clean look allow it to blend in seamlessly with the rest of our bedroom decor. There is no bold, bright, or out of place object that stands out in the cozy, romantic atmosphere that we're trying to create. We love not having to take diapers all the way outside every time we change one, and we don't have to worry about Howie dragging them all over the house or the smell invading our room. Diaper Genie® is definitely on my list of "must haves" for a new baby, whether there is a changing station in your room or not.

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is the diaper genie worth it?

Is Diaper Genie a must have baby product for you as well? How does it make your life easier?