14 Cheesy Ideas to Celebrate Valentine's with Your Spouse

I love Valentine’s Day! I know a lot of people are iffy about the holiday for a variety of reasons. Some feel that you shouldn’t need a holiday to remind you to express how much you love your significant other. Others don’t love the commercialism and obligation that they feel to purchase a gift that’s red, heart shaped and cheesy. I definitely agree that you should make your spouse feel loved every day of the year, but I love any opportunity to celebrate our love and just really love holidays!

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If you love Valentine’s Day as much as I do and are looking for some fun ways to celebrate the holiday with your spouse this year, this post is for you! I’ve put together a list of 14 different ideas that are not too cheesy but just cheesy enough that you’ll both really enjoy them! Pick one or two or find a way to incorporate them all into your celebration this year. If you’re feeling ambitious, you could plan a 14 days to Valentine’s countdown and do one thing each day. Whatever you do, use this list as a springboard to make your marriage more of a priority year round!

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14 Cheesy Ideas to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

  1. Slow dance to love songs together before bedtime.

  2. Make all of your meals and food heart-shaped for the entire day.

  3. Leave love notes for your spouse to find in their lunchbox, the car, next to their toothbrush, under their pillow, etc.

  4. Send 14 reasons you love your spouse to them via text. I googled how to schedule text messages on my phone and scheduled one every hour throughout the day last year.

  5. Write a sappy love note that will make your spouse blush and/or laugh. Bonus points is you can find a sappy or funny card to write your note in.

  6. Call in a request and dedicate a song to your spouse on the radio. Request the song you danced to at your wedding our a current popular song that makes you think of them.

  7. Write love poems to each other. Google poem types and have a competition to see who can capture your story best. After they’re written, read your poems to each other.

  8. Heart attack your spouse’s car on the inside. On each heart, write a reason that you love your spouse or a favorite memory that you have with them.

  9. Have a fun little competition to see who can find the best card at the store to capture your relationship, an inside joke or your love story. Pair your card with your spouse’s favorite Valentine’s treat.

  10. Put together a playlist of songs that remind you of your spouse and send the link to them. Spotify is a great place to do this!

  11. Make a scrapbook of your love story. Share all of the thoughts you had when you were falling in love, your favorite date night memories, snippets of journal entries from when you were dating, pictures of the two of you together, etc.

  12. Write a love note on the bathroom mirror, using your finger to write through the steam. It will be a fun surprise for your spouse to find after they shower

  13. See how many cheesy and obnoxious pet names you can come up with and call your spouse throughout the day. See how long it takes them to notice or make a game of it and see who can annoy the other one with their pet name first.

  14. Reminisce together and talk about all of your firsts. First date, first time holding hands, first kiss, first time meeting each other’s families, first Valentine’s day, first silly fight, etc.

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14 Cheesy and Romantic Ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day with your spouse
Fun ideas to help you celebrate Valentine's Day this year