Why You Should Take a Marriage Moon Together

I received my MarriageMoon package for free but am posting this because I feel strongly that it's something every couple could benefit from. All opinions are my own.

You've heard of the honeymoon and the babymoon, but have you ever been on a marriagemoon? We have been on a lot but until now, we've never called them that. At least twice a year, we take a night or two and get away for a romantic weekend, or I guess a second honeymoon together. We usually stay close and we don't spend much money, but we make it special and we use the time to connect with each other. We've been doing this since the beginning of our marriage and it's always been a game changer. After our getaways, we feel refreshed, more in love and ready to tackle what life throws our way. In the future, we're hoping to plan a week long adventure to someplace farther from home, but for now, our relaxing getaways are perfect for our busy pace of life.

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MarriageMoon for married couples

Whenever we get away together, even if it's just for a night, we look for ways to make the most of that time that we have to spend with one another. It's time when we don't have to worry about work, house projects, personal projects, the kids, the dog, etc. We're free to set aside the business side of life and focus on our relationship and the love that we have for each other. We usually splurge on eating out and look for a fun activity to do that we wouldn't normally do for date night. Sometimes we'll take advantage of not having to stay home after the kids are in bed and go on a late night walk, like we used to do while we were dating and early on in our marriage. But we most often just relax together, because life is crazy and we keep a busy schedule and having that amount of time to just be together is rare.

Earlier this month we got away for a night to celebrate our anniversary. My husband planned the whole thing and booked a room at one of our favorite romantic bed and breakfasts. We love going there because the rooms are cozy, romantic and don't feel like your normal hotel. They have an large tub to soak in, provide you with sparkling cider and cheesecake for free and bring breakfast right to the room each morning so you can snuggle and sleep in late. When we're looking to get away while sticking to a budget, this is always our first choice, because we know that it provides a romantic atmosphere, gets us away from our regular routine and encourages us to put our focus on our relationship.

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Romantic getaways for couples

My friend Chelsea from The New Wifestyle just launched a book that will only increase the benefit that romantic getaways have on our marriage. MarriageMoon is three day guide that will add intentional quality time to your getaway, no matter where you or or what you've chosen to do together. I love this guide because it doesn't take up more than an hour of each day and its activities are spread throughout your day. Despite the short time you will spend with MarriageMoon each day, it will have a big impact on your relationship and the love that you have for each other.

The great part about MarriageMoon is that you can bring it anywhere. Whether you're going on an African Safari or to Antarctica (both trips that Chelsea and her husband, Ryan or "Ravery", have taken together) or if you're choosing to stay closer to home, like we do most of the time. Simply slip your books into the suitcase with the rest of your necessities, and head off on a fun adventure filled with quality, uninterrupted time together. There are a couple of things you'll need to think about beforehand and you'll be provided with the information you need to do those, but for the most part, the MarriageMoon is simple and requires very little planning, just a willingness to invest in your marriage and each other and a determination to be intentional with it.

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MarriageMoon - a guide for married couples

I always look forward to our time away together and am grateful for the increase in connection we experience even after we've come home. Our getaways seem to help us become a better team, remind us why we fell in love in the first place, increase our intimacy and leave us feeling rejuvenated in other areas of our life. Now that we have MarriageMoon, I know that our getaways are going to make our relationship that much better because I plan to pull it out and use it every time we plan to getaway together, which should be at least twice a year, hopefully more.


Grab your own MarriageMoon Guide and maybe a copy or two to gift to other couples in your life who you know are invested in their marriage. The special First Edition price is currently at a $50 discount and comes with some added bonus' that might not come with future editions. Grab yours now and make your yearly "marriagemoon" a priority for the rest of your lives!


The Man I Didn't Even Know I Needed

In the seven years that I've been married to Joe, I've realized that there are things that I needed in a husband and didn't even know I needed. I think that it could have been a disaster if I'd gotten a man who fit that perfect profile I was envisioning because some of the things I listed weren't really a good match for my personality or really didn't matter in the grand scheme of life.

Luckily, I found the man who possesses qualities that I really needed. Joe is the perfect man for me. I fell in love with him for who he is and I fall more in love with him every year that we are married. He's the perfect match for me on every level. Whether we're out on a date laughing together or working our way through one of our trials in life, he compliments me and helps make us the good team that we are.

I've learned that...

I needed a man who didn't live for sports (or really even like them). I dated a few guys who let basketball/soccer/baseball/football games run their life. If a game was on, they were watching it and you couldn't bug them for anything or expect them to go anywhere that didn't have a TV playing the game. Joe couldn't care less about sports and it's kind of nice. Politics are his sports, so I do have to deal with something similar every four years, but that I can handle, even if it means planning our days at Disneyland around the debates.

I needed a man who was patient and not quick to fight with me. Joe deals with a lot being married to me. I can be very impatient, grumpy and emotional when I'm stressed, hormonal or hungry. Grumpy Wife is my alter ego (properly named by Joe) and when she comes to visit, nobody's happy. I'm so lucky to have a man who refuses to argue when I try to pick a fight and who will laugh or try to calm me down instead. He's not quick to anger, and on the rare occasion that he does get upset with me, I know that I've really crossed the line. Sometimes I hate that he is happy and optimistic when I'm in the mood to wallow and have a pity party, but I'm also grateful for it because I know it's good for me.

I needed a man who was frugal and not afraid to tell me no when I want to spend money. My parents taught me a lot of good things about money, but I didn't put them into practice like I should have. Being married to Joe, I've learned a lot about saving, paying off debt with gazelle intensity, and smart spending. He always encourages me to wait before I purchase anything and we are usually able to find the things we want on clearance or a really good sale. Being accountable to each other has made me more responsible and I think twice about whether or not I really need or want something before I buy it. I was able to complete my degree without taking out student loans, and we have a lot more freedom in our budget every month because we think smart about how we're using our money.

I needed a man who knows how to work hard but also how to relax and be lazy. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to be busy and I have a hard time slowing down. You'll rarely find me sitting around doing nothing, I always find a project to work on. Joe can easily spend 12 hours a day mowing lawns, landscaping or working on house projects, but also knows when to sit and do nothing but relax and enjoy life. He's slowly (and I mean slowly) teaching me to do the same. I'm learning to take time to recuperate from the hectic pace of life, and enjoy doing nothing together.

I needed a man who is a talker, but also knows how to listen. I'm a talker, but so is Joe. He can actually out talk me a lot of the time, and anyone who knows me well knows that is no small feat. Being married to Joe has taught me how to listen, not only because he likes to talk about things, but because he's a great example of listening quietly and letting a person talk.

I needed a man who could make me laugh. One of Joe's greatest talents is his ability to turn my frown upside down, usually when I would rather wallow and be upset. He can find humor in any situation and brings me back to reality whenever I start to get too upset or overthink things. This reality check usually comes in the form of a joke that helps me see the big picture and lightens the mood. He also tells the funniest jokes, and especially loves dad jokes.

I needed a man who knows how to have fun. Sometimes I get too serious about life and Joe always shows me how to have fun and enjoy myself. He jokes with people on a daily basis and isn't afraid to be himself. I especially love watching him play with our kids. He's spontaneous and care free and not afraid to get dirty.

Joe is good for me and I am glad that I married who I did. Never once have I looked at him and thought that I married down or settled. I definitely married up and he encourages me to be a better person every single day. He's not afraid to call me out when I'm not doing everything I could but he's also great at pointing out the things I am doing well. I married one amazing man!

What qualities does your husband have that you weren't necessarily searching for but that you really needed and appreciate?

Your "ideal spouse" list might be missing some important qualities.

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