The Breakfast Food That Makes Me a "Fun Mom"

When we first got married, I thought that in order to be the perfect wife, I needed to have an elaborate homemade meal on the table every night when my husband got home from work. I'm still not sure how I got anything else done at night with the amount of time that I spent planning and preparing our meals that first year. Over the years I've come to realize that the meal itself isn't as important as the quality time that we have to sit down and connect during dinner. When I started this series, Around the Kitchen Table, I had a goal to make meal time a habit in our marriage and for our family, no matter what our life or our schedules look like.

the importance of family meal time

I still try to have dinner prepared each night so that we can sit down as a family and enjoy the chaos that comes when you share a meal with two children under the age of two. My meals are more simple now than they were when we were first married, but Joe actually prefers it that way because he is a simple man. Simple meals make it easier for our kids to enjoy the same thing that we are having as well. Some of my favorite foods are breakfast foods but our schedule doesn't allow us to sit down as a family every morning, so I improvise and make breakfast for dinner instead.

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breakfast for dinner

Belgian Waffles with fruit, ice cream and Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce are more of a dessert, but because they're waffles, I justify eating them for dinner and even breakfast. This is one of my favorite foods from childhood and one that I always looked forward to introducing my future family to. This is a meal that can turn an ordinary day into a special occasion! I'd like to think that meals like this make me a "fun mom" in the eyes of my kids.

Belgian Waffle Recipe

These waffles are best cooked in a Belgian Waffle Maker like this one, but if you don't have one, they'll still taste just as good cooked in a regular waffle maker. Because they don't have sugar in them, these would also be yummy with savory toppings. I'd love to hear any ideas that you have for those in the comments below because I'm stuck in this "ice cream for breakfast" mindset and don't really want to consider anything else at the moment.

waffle recipe

This Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce is the icing on the cake, or the waffle in this case. I may or may not be known to eat this by the spoonful sometimes. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a good hot fudge sauce. This one is really simple to put together and tastes so delicious! It was a must have on Belgian Waffles when we were younger and is perfect for family ice cream parties too.

Hot Fudge Sauce recipe

Click here to download a printable version of this recipe card

I'm looking forward to putting more of my childhood favorites on the menu and making them a tradition in our home. Research has shown that "more frequent family dinners are related to fewer emotional and behavioral problems, greater emotional well-being, more trusting and helpful behaviors towards others and higher life satisfaction" (Journal of Adolescent Health April 2012). I know that our lives seem hectic and busy now, but they will only continue to get more busy as our children get older and our family as a whole are involved in more activities. I want to start habits now that will make it second nature to sit down and eat together at least three times a week, whether it's for a big meal, a snack or dessert. 

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waffles with fruit

Food has a way of creating family bonds and long lasting memories. My children are impressionable and now is the time to start traditions that they'll remember long after they've left home and started families of their own.

What fun family food traditions does your family have?

Photography by Sadie Banks Photography

Belgian Waffles with Homemade Hot Fudge Sauce

What's Lacking in the Dictionary Definition of "Spouse"

I looked up the definition of spouse the other day and felt a little underwhelmed with how the dictionary defined it. "A husband or wife, considered in relation to their partner." To me, a spouse is so much more than that...

What a spouse is...

My spouse is my partner. We do things together. We're in life together, we parent together, we manage our money together and we make decisions together. 

My spouse is my confidant. Having someone that I can confide in about anything is comforting in a way. I love knowing that no matter what we share with each other, we still love each other and that we will help one another work through things that come up.

My spouse is my helpmate. Helpmate is defined as "a helpful companion". Helping each other looks like sharing the housework load, parenting responsibilities and other tasks that come with being married adults. Sometimes it means one of us takes on a heavier load while the other focus' on something else that we have going on. But in the end, we are both a helpmate to each other.

My spouse is my best friend. Sure, I have best friends outside of my marriage, but nobody knows me on as deep of a level as my husband. He sees me at my worst and my best, he knows my every quirk and my hidden talents. At the end of the day, I look forward to spending time with him the most.

defining the word spouse

My spouse is my safe place. My husband makes me feel safe to be myself, to take risks, to dream big and to feel deeply. He's the person I turn to for comfort when I'm sad or upset. He's the person I can let my full personality shine around.

My spouse is my home. When I was living at home after cosmetology school, I thought it was going to be hard to move out when I finally did because I'd created a home in my bedroom and my favorite spaces around my parent's house. But when I got, my definition of home changed. We've made every space that we've lived in together our home. I've learned that home isn't a place, it's a feeling and I have that feeling wherever I'm with him.

My spouse is my match. One of the synonyms I found for spouse was mate, and one of the definitions for mate is "one of a matched pair". I thought this definition was perfect. Our strengths, weaknesses and talents compliment each other and help us to become a good team 

definition of spouse

I really liked the definition I found for companion and felt like it fit with my vision of a spouse a bit better. "Companion - a person who shares the experiences of another, especially when these are unpleasant or unwelcome." There are a lot of people in the world who are willing to share in our joys and celebrate our successes; a spouse is one of those. But when you are deep in the hard times of life, your spouse is the one who will be there to hold your hand and help you through. They are the one who will struggle with you, grow with you and be there by your side no matter what comes your way. Marriage is more than a piece of paper and a spouse is more than someone to share your bed with.

A Text Message Service to Help You Prioritize Your Marriage

This post contains affiliate links. This means that I make a small commission off of purchases made through my links at no extra charge to you. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies that support A Prioritized Marriage!

I created the 5 Minute Marriage Challenge or "Take 5" Marriage Challenge  to encourage couples to make time for their marriage every day. Making your spouse a priority each day is important in every stage of life and no matter what challenges or responsibilities are taking up time in your life. The five minute challenge provides couples with a way to start being more intentional about their marriage or to step up the time that they are already spending together. It's simple and a great way to make your marriage more of a priority in your life.

10 Minute Marriage Challenge

The Dating Divas have created a service that will help you and your spouse step up your game even more. It's simple and a great way to get your spouse on board with keeping the romance alive and finding ways to date each other on a daily basis. By joining the Divas' 10 Minute Marriage Challenge, you will be committing to connect with your spouse on a more regular basis and start being more intentional in your marriage.

Dating Divas 10 Minute Marriage Challenge

Wondering how it will work? Let me tell you! Every Wednesday and Friday you'll receive a fun, flirty or romantic idea to do for your spouse. On Mondays you'll receive a bonus text with a date idea from the "Get Your Date On" series that the Divas do each week. There is a version of the challenge forhim and a version for her, and you can sign up for each individually, but if you both are committed to taking on the challenge, you can sign up for the couples version of the marriage challenge and receive both the his and hers versions at a discounted price. If you sign up together, you'll both get two completely different text messages each week, just like you would if you signed up for the 'his' and 'hers' challenge separately. You'll be working together to make your marriage more of a priority and your relationship will benefit greatly!

prioritize your marriage and your spouse

The challenge lasts three months and will only open a few times each year. The current enrollment period is open for pre-orders today, June 27 2018 and closes on June 30, 2018 at 11:59pm MST. Click here to sign up now and get on board ! If the challenge date is past and you want to know when the next one will be open, click here to get on the waitlist . This challenge is also currently only available in the U.S.

TODAY, JUNE 27TH, ONLY!! Use the following coupon codes for 30% off your enrollment. Coupon Code for Him - HUSBAND. Coupon Code for Her - WIFE. Coupon Code for Couples - MARRIAGE MATTERS (Only $35 with code).

make your spouse a priority

I feel strongly about the importance of making daily effort to connect with your spouse and make your marriage a priority, even when life gets busy. Whether you have five minutes or 24 hours to spend together each day, make sure you are being intentional and using the time to strengthen your relationship. This challenge is a great way to make your marriage a priority again and reconnect on a regular basis.

Photography by Sadie Banks Photography

Raspberry Buttermilk Muffins

My family has always had a large garden and our summers growing up were usually spent planting, watering, weeding, harvesting and cooking with the produce grown in it. Most summer mornings, we would wake up to find my mom outside watering the garden, weeding her flower beds, or picking fresh fruits and vegetables. The first place that my dad usually goes after work is outside to check on the progress of things he's planted. All of the hard work my parents (and sometimes us kids) put into the yard and garden pays off every year. Not only do my parents have a beautiful yard full of flowers and lots of green, but we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor and share them with our friends and neighbors too.

fresh baked muffins

We haven't started a garden of our own yet, but we still enjoy fresh produce every summer, straight from my parent's garden. Bensen even got to help plant the garden this year and every time we're over, he checks to see how the beans are growing. In a few weeks, I'll teach him how to snip the beans, like I did every summer growing up, and then my mom and I will bottle them so we have those to enjoy through the winter months as well. He's helped pick fresh strawberries from their garden and eats them all immediately. It's safe to say one of our favorite things about summer is all of the fresh food we get to eat.

raspberry muffins

One of my mom's favorite summer foods would have to be raspberries and they've quickly become one of Bensen's as well. We eat them fresh, make jam with them and put them in a lot of different recipes. These muffins, or really any muffin she makes, usually disappear into our bellies before they even have the chance to cool off. Of all the muffins she makes, these are probably my favorite. They make the perfect addition to breakfast on our deck, a picnic at one of our favorite free summer activities, snack at the beach, etc. 

Recipe for Raspberry Muffins
Raspberry Buttermilk Muffins

These muffins freeze really well and we will probably be eating them for breakfast all fall/winter while I reminisce about summer mornings spent picking raspberries and summer nights eating these muffins with cheese and fresh veggies for dinner. You could also make them with frozen berries and add a little summer to your life when you're getting sick of the snow and cold weather in six months.

What is your favorite thing to make with fresh raspberries in the summer?

Raspberry Buttermilk Muffins made with raspberries fresh from the garden or farmer's market. Perfect addition to any summer breakfast, a great picnic food or a yummy late night snack.

Why You Should Take a Marriage Moon Together

I received my MarriageMoon package for free but am posting this because I feel strongly that it's something every couple could benefit from. All opinions are my own.

You've heard of the honeymoon and the babymoon, but have you ever been on a marriagemoon? We have been on a lot but until now, we've never called them that. At least twice a year, we take a night or two and get away for a romantic weekend, or I guess a second honeymoon together. We usually stay close and we don't spend much money, but we make it special and we use the time to connect with each other. We've been doing this since the beginning of our marriage and it's always been a game changer. After our getaways, we feel refreshed, more in love and ready to tackle what life throws our way. In the future, we're hoping to plan a week long adventure to someplace farther from home, but for now, our relaxing getaways are perfect for our busy pace of life.

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MarriageMoon for married couples

Whenever we get away together, even if it's just for a night, we look for ways to make the most of that time that we have to spend with one another. It's time when we don't have to worry about work, house projects, personal projects, the kids, the dog, etc. We're free to set aside the business side of life and focus on our relationship and the love that we have for each other. We usually splurge on eating out and look for a fun activity to do that we wouldn't normally do for date night. Sometimes we'll take advantage of not having to stay home after the kids are in bed and go on a late night walk, like we used to do while we were dating and early on in our marriage. But we most often just relax together, because life is crazy and we keep a busy schedule and having that amount of time to just be together is rare.

Earlier this month we got away for a night to celebrate our anniversary. My husband planned the whole thing and booked a room at one of our favorite romantic bed and breakfasts. We love going there because the rooms are cozy, romantic and don't feel like your normal hotel. They have an large tub to soak in, provide you with sparkling cider and cheesecake for free and bring breakfast right to the room each morning so you can snuggle and sleep in late. When we're looking to get away while sticking to a budget, this is always our first choice, because we know that it provides a romantic atmosphere, gets us away from our regular routine and encourages us to put our focus on our relationship.

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Romantic getaways for couples

My friend Chelsea from The New Wifestyle just launched a book that will only increase the benefit that romantic getaways have on our marriage. MarriageMoon is three day guide that will add intentional quality time to your getaway, no matter where you or or what you've chosen to do together. I love this guide because it doesn't take up more than an hour of each day and its activities are spread throughout your day. Despite the short time you will spend with MarriageMoon each day, it will have a big impact on your relationship and the love that you have for each other.

The great part about MarriageMoon is that you can bring it anywhere. Whether you're going on an African Safari or to Antarctica (both trips that Chelsea and her husband, Ryan or "Ravery", have taken together) or if you're choosing to stay closer to home, like we do most of the time. Simply slip your books into the suitcase with the rest of your necessities, and head off on a fun adventure filled with quality, uninterrupted time together. There are a couple of things you'll need to think about beforehand and you'll be provided with the information you need to do those, but for the most part, the MarriageMoon is simple and requires very little planning, just a willingness to invest in your marriage and each other and a determination to be intentional with it.

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MarriageMoon - a guide for married couples

I always look forward to our time away together and am grateful for the increase in connection we experience even after we've come home. Our getaways seem to help us become a better team, remind us why we fell in love in the first place, increase our intimacy and leave us feeling rejuvenated in other areas of our life. Now that we have MarriageMoon, I know that our getaways are going to make our relationship that much better because I plan to pull it out and use it every time we plan to getaway together, which should be at least twice a year, hopefully more.


Grab your own MarriageMoon Guide and maybe a copy or two to gift to other couples in your life who you know are invested in their marriage. The special First Edition price is currently at a $50 discount and comes with some added bonus' that might not come with future editions. Grab yours now and make your yearly "marriagemoon" a priority for the rest of your lives!