Why You'll Never Find Joe in College

Being an adult, I'm constantly meeting someone new and I find myself introducing our little family to people at least once a week. One of the questions that I get more often than not is, "Is your husband still in school or did he graduate already?" I usually respond with something like, "No, he doesn't believe in school, but he supports me going to school." Joe has very strong opinions on the usefulness of a college degree. This week I asked him how he would explain his thinking to people and he told me,

"I'd rather seek trades and experience vs. text books and no personal experience."

For careers like engineering, cosmetology, the medical field, etc. Joe can understand the need for education. But there are some careers where you do the majority of your learning in the field, after you have a degree and a job. Also, generals, what's the point of them anyway? You take all of those types of classes in high school and then pay to take them again in college. I took at least one class every semester that was required for my major so that when the general classes got too torturous, I'd at least have one that I enjoyed and it would remind me why I was in school and encourage me to keep going.

Although you'll never find him in a classroom, enrolled in college courses, or studying a textbook, Joe does plenty of learning on his own and still finds ways to get an education. He stays up to date on current events and can participate in an intelligent conversation about anything that you find in the news on a day to day basis. The books, podcasts and talk shows that he listens to always relate to something he wants to learn, whether it's history, how to be a better business man, achieving financial peace, or a variety of other things. He's always listening to something educational or researching something that he doesn't fully understand.

I'm so glad that I have a husband who knows what he wants out of life and pursues his education in a way that will benefit him. I'm also glad that he supports my choice to get a formal education, even if it's not the choice that he would have made.

How does your education path differ from the traditional way of going to school?