Why Did I Get Married?

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There have been quite a few posts circulating lately about marriage, why people get married and how early they chose to do that. A post listing 23 Things to Do Instead of Getting Engaged Before You're 23 has gone viral and become a topic of discussion all across the blogosphere. My friend Janelle wrote a post kind of in rebuttal of the viral post, 23 Things to Look Forward to in Marriage. And at the beginning of this week, my good friend Annie wrote an insightful post called Focusing on Independence Before Marriage is a Good Thing that I thought went right along side them.

Why Did I Get Married

I was 22 when we got engaged and turned 23 four months after our wedding. Joe was 23 when he proposed and turned 24 just two weeks after my birthday. I used to think I'd be married at 19. Looking back, I'm glad that didn't happen. And even though I felt old when I got married, because most of my close friends had been married for a while, I realize that we were still pretty young in the world's eyes and some people might question why we didn't wait a lot longer to settle down and tie the knot.

Last month I shared why we got married when we did in the timeline of our relationship and yesterday I shared why I believe in marriage. It's no secret that I love married life and my role as a wife, but some of you may wonder why I personally decided to get married, and what about that lifestyle appealed to me.

Why Did I Get Married?

I've wanted to be a wife for as long as I can remember, and that might sound weird to you, but it's ok because to me, it's perfectly normal. I loved the idea of having a husband to take care of, fix dinners for, plan date nights and go on vacation with and be with through the journey of life. Being married is like a never ending sleepover and playing house with your best friend. I knew that getting married would mean there would always be someone there to hang out with, to hold me when I was hurting, laugh with me over the stupid things, and celebrate the victories with. Marriage gives me a constant support system. I have someone around to vent to, I can tell him all of my crazy ideas and he'll tell me what he honestly things about them, and I know that he'll always love me, no matter what I do!

I can't say enough about how awesome marriage is. Every person is different, and our timeline for the things that happen in normal life stages is different as well. For some people, 23 is way too young to even consider getting married but for others, 23 seems old. There are so many different options and paths you can take in your 20's; school, marriage, work, study abroad, religious mission, etc. Do things in the order and within the time frame that is right for you. But know that when/if you decide to get married, you won't regret that decision. It's worth every sacrifice and struggle to love someone and have them love you in return.

Why did you or will you get married?